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Day 19- Gah! Gah! Gah!


What a day!

Hurrah! Look what I made today.

I’m good aren’t I! This took me hours to do but it turned out well didn’t it!

And you can obviously tell from the big headedness that I didn’t actually make this.  Guess where it came from. IKEA! This is how it began…………..

I awoke this morning to find DH missing. Hockey club big dinner last night, This means it is always a late one for himself, but as I was watching a film and it finished at 2.30am I was expecting him back – but no! I don’t know what time the door actually opened but I was asleep. Roo arrived at 6.30 as usual, for a snuggle- No DH! Boo arrived after 8.00am. Where was Daddy?

It emerged he didn’t want to disturb me and had  gone to sleep on the attic  floor! It was a big night.

I had already made plans that, as I was now driving, I wanted to go and get fabric – with DH’s agreement.  I set out, leaving DH in charge –  with his hangover. Can I point out at this stage that DH is far from being an old lush – he never drinks!

I love IKEA. I love spending time in the apartments that they set up – as if to say – “This is what your life should be like!”  Why can my house never look like this! ( Oh yes – three children and a husband!)

Anyway I was in, and out in 35 mins, a record. But I have made plans to drag (and I mean DRAG!) DH there in the next month to buy everything we (I)  need (want)! On return, like the Cath Kidston scissors, this cushion simply fell into my yellow bag – honest! Gorgeous new fabrics bought too. Anyway onto sewing – what to make today?

Gah! Gah! Gah!

I think I have too many successes recently. Things I have been happy with. Today I began with lots of plans and was boasting to my sister about what I was going to do today. I should have known that things were not going well when I filled only one of the three boxes that I had bought for putting in the final produce for the craft fair. The stuff I had already made barely filled one box. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

To make matters worse, what was in my head simply did not materialise today. Look………

Now it is a rule of thumb that if you ask your eleven year old daughter what they think of something, and they started by saying..

“Well it’s good…. but…….”

Things have not gone well. Not that I didn’t know it. I have literally spent about six hours on this project – but Gah! I am not sure what is wrong with it – I think it is the flower – you probably can’t tell from this photograph. I hope! I promised you at the beginning that I would put my successes as well as my Gah’s. Here’s my first  Gah – to my mind!

What do you think? (Please comment!)

I also made this today…….

A serviette holder. I have a metal one which is a bit clunky for the centre of the table. I thought these would be good as they are smaller.

Anyway today has not been as good a day as I had hoped, so I am just going to sit and look at my new cushion and pretend for a little while. See you tomorrow. xxxxxxx


Day 18- Time for a breather!


Day 18! I can’t believe it! Where is the time going to?

And so we come to the end of a very busy week. I must admit to having had a very lazy day today – especially after yesterdays manic craft frenzy.  The weather is still unseasonably hot, and so the morning was spent sorting suitable clothes to wear- and crying about the clothes that no longer fit. Boo Hoo! Damn you winter comfort food!

Lunchtime was spent in a particularly nice way as it was my aunts birthday. We had agreed to meet at a local pub. I arrived- with knitting as usual, to find everyone sitting outside in the sunshine, drinking bubbles and admiring presents. Good company and nice conversation- what a decadent way to spend a school day afternoon! (Although I was not drinking. But I can reveal I am enjoying a cheeky glass of wine now. Cheers auntie M!)

Anyway onto today’s make. Having finished so much yesterday I must admit to be unenthusiastic about starting anything today. But I set myself this challenge and so there is no escape! So here it is. Drum roll perlease……….

Coming soon to a craft fair near you! That is if this makes it. I love all these colours together and this tree looks very comfortable sitting on the conservatory table. I can imagine this brightening up a very dull day.

The one thing I was determined to do before setting out on this craft fair venture was that whatever I made, I would like. I have made things in the past for the church bazaar; and as my sister says:

” Make sure that what you make you like so if no one buys it you can find it a place at home!”

I have taken two big steps today. To begin with I have taken a friend’s advice and set up a shop on Folksy (the British equivalent of Etsy so she told me 🙂 ). I have not uploaded anything in the shop yet, as that and a craft fair is too much at once. I have also registered this domain and so we are now ! Woo Hoo!

It doesn’t change much it just means that I may be easier to find on google!

Please forgive me for talking sales here. I did not start this venture for fame or money- I did it for me. I am as pleased as punch that people are following me and  like what I am doing and making. Even though I may complain, I am enjoying it all really.

Thank you for enjoying my bit of cyberspace.

See you tomorrow. xxxxxx

Day 17- Monster craft day!


Good morning Australia! Good Afternoon USA! Good Afternoon / Bon après-midi le Canada! God kveld Norge! Gott kvöld Ísland!  Good evening GB!

Hot day! 23 oC- in March! We don’t get these temperatures in July or August, so I hope you have enjoyed the summer GB because it is going to snow next week!

So what have I been up to? Well.. busy, busy, busy, day! Cue Take heart gallery music…..

Easter trees- By Ickle Ed Age 39

Easter tree – By Ickle Ed age 39

Black, white and red Tote bag – by Ickle Ed age 39

Floral tote bag – by Ickle Ed age 39

Green and white Tote bag by Ickle Ed age 39

Rings by Ickle Ed age 39

(For those of you who are too young to know, too old so you have forgotten, or don’t live in GB, Take Hart was an art program from the 70’s/ 80’s for children. You could send your pictures in and they would be displayed with a title, name and age of the person who drew it.)

All of these have been made today- including two other tote bags- five in total! I have also started on things for future projects. Why? Panic dream last night that I turned up on the 14th and had nothing to sell.

I must admit to being exhausted now as I have spent the day in a steaming hot conservatory!

So night, night Peeps. xxxxxxxx

Day 16


Good evening 🙂

I am posting earlier tonight as a friend, who shall remain nameless, was disappointed last night that her bedtime reading was not there. I have therefore been given strict instructions to make sure the day’s blog appears before 10.30pm GMT, so she can snuggle down with her hot water bottle and ovaltine! So following orders………..

After yesterdays monster tidy up I awoke this morning feeling that rigor mortis had set in. Muscles that I had not used for a few weeks had seized up, and I rolled, rather than sprang out of bed. Moving slowly I managed to get myself organised.

Owing to the unusual weather we are experiencing, I found it necessary to get the fake tan out, and rummage for my Birkenstocks from the bottom of the wardrobe. What’s all that about? Fake tan and sandals in March! Nevertheless, it felt marvellous to snuggle in my favourite sandals. I must be getting old as I definitely go for comfort over fashion these days!

I had a full day. Visitors and visiting! In between the comings and goings I had decided that I was going to finish lots of different little jobs that had been started. I was also going to attempt driving too for the first time in 5 weeks. But I was thwarted by DH as he needed the car. 😦

I had a delicious time over lunch with friends. Home made soup, bread and cake- Scrummy! I want the recipes for all so I can be Mary Berry too! I probably wouldn’t be able to make all three for the same meal however, I would have to cheat somewhere.  Excellent company – very comfortable and uncomplicated. I could seriously get used to this not working lark!

The evening was spent pottering about just getting little jobs done. And here is one of the finished items……….

Really cute aren’t they- but fiddly to knit! Can you guess what they are to accompany?


These little cuties are adorable on. I recently made a strawberry set and a blueberry set for a friend who had twin girls. They do look cute in them, even if I do say so myself!

Well! I have not got much else to report today, so I will love you and leave you as it is nearly my 10.30 deadline and I still have lots of other things to finish.

See you tomorrow. XXXXXX

Day 15


God kveld Norge. Gott kvöld Ísland.  Evening Chaps! What a busy, busy day!

Tis a good long while since I awoken without an ache in my side. One is very grateful to DH, and the elves for helping one in my recovery. I admit to not being up to date with the dusting, but in one’s current condition activities of this nature have had to take a back seat.

The birds were singing in the trees, and the sun was shining through the windows. I yawned and stretched. I leaped out of bed as the sing song sounds of the little cherubs announced that they were awake.

“Why! You cannot be up already?” I asked, as little faces beamed at me. “Come let us descend to the kitchen and forage for breakfast.”

Venturing onto the landing, I noticed something growing. Unusual and abstract in design. I have to admit at being confounded of its form and origin. “What is this?” I thought. I couldn’t understand what it could be. It was creeping through the entryway from the elves’ sleeping space. I recognised some of the units of the thing. These were items that the elves had readily agreed to put back in their proper spaces after they had been used downstairs. Why were they appearing here?

 “Tush! Tush! I must investigate this further when yon is schoolward bound.”  I thought to myself.

As the sound of singing disappeared over the brow of the hill, I began my ascent into the rafters.

Whatever could have happened here? Who could have done this to my precious children’s posessions and fine clothing?

My heart was a pitter-pattering as I stepped closer and closer to the summit of the stairway. Who could have done this? My heart was in my mouth as I viewed the destruction of the elves’ room.  The joy in my heart that had been there as I arose evaporated as the growth took shape before my eyes.

The monster was aslumber along the floor, wrapping itself around the elves’ beds. The garments that they had so carefully placed in their robe chests were being digested by the creature. And their valuable playthings were being absorbed into the very being of the  monstous stomach.

What was I to do? My fairy godmother had not seen since elf number two was born, when she had gone running to the hills- after elf number two! Unfortunately my reserve army were at school or work.

Feeling faint, I quickly descended to work out a plan, and to digest a flagon of Kenya’s finest, while watching Sir Jeremy of the Kyle to settle my nerves. rejuvenated I set forth to vanquish the  beast.

I seized  the sword of elm between my fingers and yelled


And behold six hours later the beast was dead, and peace and harmony were restored:

– at least to the second story of the castle.


There was much celebration –  and getting out of things that the elves thought that they had lost! There was also many a promise that a beast like this would not be allowed to reside in any bed chamber of the house again.

And we all lived happily ever after?

(In between feeding the waste recycling receptacle at the far end of the estate, I did have time to start a new project- portraits to follow tomorrow!) Plus a cleaning of the animal skin in the elves’ bed chamber.

I bid you adieu. xxxxxxx

Day Fourteen


Waking up this morning was wonderful. The sun was streaming into the conservatory, and it was luciously warm as I sat there pondering the days happenings.

I was off to meet friends for lunch, and as I am still not driving it was to be a public transport adventure. It has been quite a revelation about how easy it is to get from place to place without using a car. Aerobics is a no no at the moment, and so just walking – especially in the sunshine, is delicious.

It was a gorgeous day today. Really warm and considering it is still March, it felt more like summer. Pit stop in town for machine needles and then onto the park.

Meeting friends with children is really strange as it was not long ago that it was me who was legging it to stop a mischievous toddler from running away (you know who you are.) Today’s toddlers ranged from 11 months to 4 years, and as soon as everything – including the kitchen sink was packed, we were off. Buggies, bikes, bags of spare clothes at the ready, the park cafe beckoning we set forth. I had forgotten how long a short walk takes: and how a blade of grass can be so interesting. I must admit that the pink princess bike was a lot easier to push than Boo’s bike was- a handy heart just at the right height so I didn’t have to bend over.

What can I say; lovely lunch, lovely company, lots of entertainment courtesy of our pre-school friends. Marvellous!

A glorious day led to a balmy evening. I had to get busy on today’s make.

My friends can verify that this is today’s make, as I bought this material on the way to meet them this morning. This is quite a sturdy bag too; fully lined with reinforced handles and sides. I am really pleased with the finished article.

Doesn’t it make you want to go shopping! Well these are certainly going to be appearing on the craft stall. Talking of which, thank you to everyone for the verbal feedback to what should and should not make an appearance. The bunnies have been met with positivity- in fact everything I have made so far seems to be viable. Does this mean that I have got to make lots of everything??? Not sure I can do that, but confidence wise I am feeling much more comfortable.

Well here we are at the end of week two. I must admit to having a marvellous time – but the house looks like a bomb site as making has taken over from cleaning! It is marvellous to see people checking the blog out, and I also love hearing people telling me to get going on today’s make; and sometimes from the most unlikely sources. After feeling a little down post op,  I have come a long way in a fortnight and I am beginning to feel that spring in my step again.

Thank you for being with me along the way – and spurring me on in my quest. xxxxx


Day 13- again!


Ok so I have mis-countered! Today is actually day thirteen as I missed out day 11- doh! It’s probably psychosomatic that I am wishing days away to try to get to day 365!

Well it has been a very lazy day, for me anyway, in the rolling hills. Despite an early start;  Moo was in Nottingham in a rowing competition today with school, so she and DH were up and out with the larks. It was lovely to turn over and sleep for a little longer. Then Roo was up!

Even though we lost an hour, it was lovely to awaken to morning sunshine. The conservatory was deliciously warm as I sat and pondered over my morning coffee; still in my pj’s too! The momentum that I had yesterday afternoon soon returned, and I was ready to face the sewing machine. I had made a list of everything that I have got to make for the craft fair, and it is immense. Feeling a little wobbly in my tummy, I set to.

DH, noticing the panic in my voice, decided to keep me fed with bacon sandwiches,  coffee, and he entertained the remaining children too.

It was a glorious day, and the heat in the conservatory reached a height at noon, so I had to retreat to the coolness of the sitting room and Calamity Jane! Not that I could stop with the craft fair madness. Even sitting, my hands were busy working fabric and yarn; as one piece was completed another was started. I am really wondering what I am doing. I am not sure that I could do this if I was at work as I just couldn’t fit it in.

I am enjoying all the madness however – good therapy for my recovery. Making is something that I have always done. It is part of me. My mum is,  and my grandmothers were makers. I went through a time in my life when sewing and knitting were uncool, and it was cheaper and easier to buy something than make it; so I stopped doing it. I also felt that what I could do was inferior to what I could buy. How wrong I was. Finding and awakening my hidden talents has been fantastic.

Having sat and thought about what I have done today I am not sure that it has been a particularly lazy day! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself though. 🙂

This is the latest creation- an Easter bunny basking in the morning sunshine- I told you it was sunny this morning!

Seriously. What do you think? As I tried to work out what to make for the fair I had a crises of confidence. I need to know what people would like to see on the stall, so please could you tell me your preferences about what I have made so far- and be honest! I can take it – and I would rather be told before hand than find out when it is too late. Roo definitely likes the bunny however- so I have one supporter. (Boo just laughed at it – not sure whether it was for the right reasons!)

Anyway my lovelies Tea/ dinner (depending where you are from) beckons at Mum’s, so I need to sign off now. See you tomorrow.


PS: Góðan dag Ísland, God ettermiddag Norge, Good afternoon USA. Woo Hoo! We’re going global! Determined to welcome all the visitors to this blog. Thankyou for looking! 🙂