Day Two: 14th March 2012


Day two has arrived and I am really enjoying opening up the laptop to register my pottering’s of the day. I am loving the colourfulness of these pages even if I am the only one who ever reads it.

As I am still signed off work my day began by busying myself around the house, tidying up after the mayhem of the munchkins departure and the chaos that they create. Well I busied myself as much as I could without bending over or doing anything too quickly.

Friends came over at lunchtime, one of whom wanted to learn to crochet. It was fantastic to see them and I learnt too. Apparently the way that I crochet is the american way – no I didn’t know there was a difference either! So that is why some of my previous efforts have either been too big or too small.

Here is todays effort

I decided that in the light of the crochet lunch my project for the day would use this medium- obviously using the american way of crocheting! I love these jug and mug covers. They remind me of being at my Grandma’s when I was little. I didn’t realise that you needed to thread the beads on the yarn first, it was a real light bulb moment. I didn’t even need a pattern to complete this, it is all my own design. My Grandma would be so proud.

So; what else have I been up to today?

Well  my application for the craft fair was accepted. I cannot explain to you the panic I had just opening an email. I had a mad moment where breathing in a paper bag was necessary to get myself back on an even keel,  refocus and place things into perspective.

I then have had to divert my attention to looking into public liability insurance. A quagmire of pot holes and leeches waiting to suck the money out of your bank account. I really only want a days cover – the cheapest quote I had was for £48.00! WHAT FOR? Just in case a cushion falls of the stall and trips up some unsuspecting grandma or jumps into her face to suffocate her! What can happen  with sewn household items on a table?

If anyone has any experience of this please let me know.

Despite the administration I am, at the moment, feeling quite excited about this new venture. I’ll keep you posted


About Ickleed

Hello! I am a married mother of three very lively children who keep me on my toes. When I am not cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping or socialising, I work part time as a primary school teacher.

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