Day Five


Good evening 🙂

Another busy crafty day. I was awoken at stupid o’clock by a little person asking for his DS game (and it wasn’t DH, I hasten to add). – Added by DH! Thankyou to DH though I was allowed to stay abed for another hour as he got up to administer the frosties- I love this post operation lark!

Mother’s day tomorrow so it was off to town to get things organised. It took a lot longer today as I was joined by two of the monsters. The early riser was by this time in a bad mood and insistent on going in every shop that sold toys. The word no was met by the screaming abdabs. Oh it was fun!

Arrival home was another fiasco. House keys had been forgotten and DH was out, Grandma and Grandad were out, so the spare key could not be obtained. We finished up waiting for DH to come back from the shops an hour later. Luckily it wasn’t raining.

Entry into the house was met with all the tidying up that I hadn’t done yesterday- you can see where my day is going can’t you. So, setting to, the fettling was sorted, two younger monsters went to hockey with DH and myself and DD settled down to being creative while watching a chick flick- Cromwell with Richard Harris and Sir Alec!

My first thought was to complete what I had started yesterday but that would have been too easy. I wanted to try something new (craft stall in mind)………

Now these look quite cute in the photo but on closer inspection…. You would not believe the hassle. I get very frustrated when I’m experimenting. I knew what the finished product would look like- unfortunately this looks nothing like the image I had in my head! Working with foam, fabric and a glue gun while watching Charles I getting his head chopped off is not a good combination. I tried three different ways of creating these sewing pots, (yes that’s what they are!) and none of them worked how I wanted them too.

Imagine the scene- Battle of Naseby in full flow, material going one way, foam going the other.  Glue gun running amock across my oilcloth polka dot tablecloth. DD asking about how to make something completely different and headache developing behind right eye. By the end of the afternoon I just wanted to go to bed.

Never the less I have learnt lots this afternoon, and secretly I did enjoy this experiment. I think I have also worked out how to make one of these without raw edges on show, and something that I could possible sell.

The headache however is still there so I’m off for a lie down.

Night. See you tomorrow. xxxxxxxx


About Ickleed

Hello! I am a married mother of three very lively children who keep me on my toes. When I am not cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping or socialising, I work part time as a primary school teacher.

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