Day 6


Mother’s Day 🙂

We were subject to an early riser again, but he was soon dispatched and ensconced with Thomas and friends until a more reasonable hour – ie after 7.00am! It must be the light mornings, that I would love if I was at work. Going to work in daylight makes me feel so much better. Light mornings at a weekend however plays havoc with organic alarm clocks meaning they are at the bedroom door at stupid o’clock yelling for frosties!

I was woken properly with a tray of cereal and toast, cards and presents and beaming faces at a much more reasonable hour. Then was able, in fact told, to stay abed for a little longer. It was glorious to feel no guilt about being snuggled in pajamas with DD and DS2 watching 60 minute make over while working on finishing todays project. DS1 had taken the opportunity to have control of the living room TV so had disappeared. DD, inspired by all the craft that I am doing made me a bracelet, silk scarf and a brooch by herself. She is very curious about this blog, and since she found out I am constantly being told that I have got to get on with the day’s project.

I really could get used to this pampering. I feel very lucky that over the past month since my operation I have had to do minimal as I am not allowed to lift or drive. Cooking has been at a minimal and DH has done all the shopping. I have had to rouse myself to do some cleaning however as there are some things that a woman sees that my man doesn’t!

Last year we spent the day in the rolling hills of the Peak District. This year there was a suggestion to do the same, but remembering the busy cafes and car parks I opted for a family workout in the garden. This is my domain. DH, bless him, does not like gardening. He is very proud of his lawn that he mows and trims, but this is where his gardening ends. He does help me with very heavy lifting, but generally I am left to dig for victory on my own. I thoroughly enjoy getting my hands dirty. It is at these times of pottering in the garden that I think and plan my best lessons or new ideas for home and family spring forth. I have to admit to missing my Spring in the garden this year. So not being able to do it myself, I drafted everyone else in to do it for me.

Now in my head I am sitting with the sun beating on me, pointing out what needs doing and my band of soldiers being very compliant and at the end of the morning we are clinking mugs of tea for a job well done. The reality was while I was snipping and dead heading, weeding the veg beds, picking up litter from the garden that has been blown in during the winter and having already cleaned out our over large guinea pig hutch that I glanced around to find myself alone. Where were my soldiers? Inside watching CBBC, that’s where. So much for my day dream and the garden being beautiful by tea time. At least the guinea pigs appreciate me!

Eventually the troops arrived or were dragged into the back and work commenced. It’s not quite as I wanted it but I did appreciate the work that everyone did- and the garden looks a lot tidier than it did before. I was allowed to sit and – wait for it- drink champagne! Unfortunately not having drunk anything for a month meant this went straight to my head and I became very giggly and silly!

Dinner was another treat. Mum and Dad came over with more champagne- By this time I was very chatty as you can imagine. We sat down to a lovely meal prepared by DH.  Lovely food, and lovely company. A lovely day.

(Gasp) Today’s project.

I spent my morning working on patchwork-

I know it doesn’t look much at the minute but this is all hand done so it takes longer. This is what I was working towards on day four- covering the hexagons and beginning to stitch them together. Hopefully tomorrow you will see it all finished.



About Ickleed

Hello! I am a married mother of three very lively children who keep me on my toes. When I am not cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping or socialising, I work part time as a primary school teacher.

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