Day 8


Hello. Welcome to week two of my 365 day journey.

I just couldn’t wake up this morning! I’m not even at work- what’s going on! Because I didn’t want to get out of bed I have felt tired all day- but I still had a lovely day.

Getting out of bed was a chore, but up on my feet I decided to get little jobs done before getting dressed. Little job led to little job, and before I knew it there was a knock at the door, my cousin had arrived and I will still in my night wear. Kettle on, tea and coffee served; lots of chat; and then shower. At 11.45 I was ready to face the day.

Then it was off visiting a friend with two gorgeous 5 month old twin girls. All was quiet when I arrived as it was sleep time. So a chat over a coffee and a knitting lesson in the sunshine was the order of the day. Then feeding began!

Now I am the mother of three children and I had a sort of routine when they were little- but twins is a different story. It has been an eye opener  seeing how to manage with two little babies! You know what it is like with a small baby. Feed, change, sleep, feed change sleep. Well times that by two. Can you imagine? I must admit to being initially amused by the military procedures – but I absolutely understand why it is necessary to stop mum ( and Dad) going off their nut! I have a new found admiration for all mothers of multiple births. HOW DO YOU DO IT? Having said that- these girls are just adorable and took me right back to when mine were so small. I had forgotten. and I came away feeling very broody.

So to today’s project. Well as I explained yesterday I began today’s project yesterday… WELL…..

What do you think? A collection of flowers. Very fiddly little blighters- but very effective I think. I am going to make a few more for the craft fair. Did I tell you that I have had my place confirmed- scary! I am secretly looking forward to it though.

I have loved the past week and all the creativeness that it has brought!

I can’t wait for tomorrows project.

See you later xxxxxx


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