Day 12


I am exhausted today – I don’t know why? I did quite a lot of making yesterday so that may be why, or may be I am just getting into this relaxed way of life. Ho hum.

The day began in utter chaos- as usual. DS2 (Roo) our newly independent five year old, decided to get himself dressed. As you can imagine things didn’t go according to plan. He was at school before DH found out that he was in fact wearing DS1’s (Boo’s) trousers. Why is that so bad I hear you ask? Well Boo is nearly 9! I don’t want to think about what he looked like and I just don’t understand how we could have missed this calamity?  How can this mistake have been made when the correct uniform was set out I want to know. Goodness knows what school thought when DH turned up with the correct attire!

Regardless to say I have found it very difficult to get myself motivated. I have spent ages on the internet setting up loads of stuff for the craft fair on the fourteenth. Nearly there with the insurance! Been out to get supplies to finish different projects. I have to admit to having been to a neighbours for coffee- but that is important; all to aid my recovery! I have also started yet another project I have got three on the go now. I am sticking to my rules too, I am doing a little bit of each everyday and one will definitely be finished for a big reveal tomorrow. I can’t say too much about it, but it will make you smile.

That means I haven’t actually got a big reveal today. But while I have been incapacitated I have completed a number of projects that I started a while ago. Some of you will have seen bits of this in different stages but here is the finished piece so far.

Boo is as pleased as punch that this piece is being featured on the blog as it is his special blanket. I had already made a blanket for Roo when he was a baby and then extended it as he grew. Moo was next as her bedroom was slightly chillier in the evening.  Little Boo was feeling left out, and as I completed the final stitch in Moo’s mammoth knitted blanke, the pipes up-

“Are you going to start mine now?”

Well it took me a little time to get myself in gear for this on I decided that I wanted to use crochet instead of knitting; but I had only just learnt how to do it. I was inspired when I saw a blanket that was made using smaller squares by Lucy in attic 24 which I have been secretly following for the past three years. This is a fantastic blog to follow, and she had just had a little baby and made a blanket for his car seat. Well I think baby B is now a toddler so you now know the timescale that I have been working on this blanket!  Having been inspired I had to teach myself to complete granny squares.

Hook in hand I set to using Debbie Bliss cashmerino wool. I have not told DH how much the blanket actually cost, buying colours a little at a time. But I think it is worth it.

I am really, really proud of this blanket. Please indulge me as I close up-

I am not sure if I am going to add a border to this yet. I didn’t really get a chance to decide as Boo whisked it away, overjoyed that it was finally finished. I did try to persuade him to leave it downstairs where I could enjoy it’s visual loveliness- but it’s current abode is at the end of his bed. Well he has waited so long for it I can hardly blame him. At least I get to look at these pictures on the blog.

See you tomorrow xxxxx

PS: Boo thinks he is now famous as his blanket is featured on the web!


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