Day 13- unlucky for some!


What a day! I always find Saturdays quite stressful with the monsters at home. I think it is because they are all at school Monday to Friday  so we have a routine. Saturdays the routine goes out of the window, and we have one getting up at 6.30 am and another one we are shaking awake at 10.30! Then they want to be entertained. The phrases “What are we doing today?” “This is boring for me!” and “What are we doing now/ next?” should be banned for anyone under the age of 16!

I must admit that the older they are getting the more they are able to entertain themselves, which creates its own problems. A family trip to town was met by yippee by one who loves shopping – especially when she is spending my money; Grrr! by another, who hates shopping and always has, – and will let everyone know how much he hates shopping until he comes home again: and another who likes shopping so long as it only includes a sausage sandwich in John Lewis’ and then a good browse around the toy department – and then home! DH is no better as Saturday is Hockey day – let no one forget it!

So we set out. And we were home again within the hour. No I didn’t want to look at anything in particular –  just for the sake of it. 😦

On return I set too creating, ready for the Craft fair. I have decided that I need to make at least three things for the fair on a Saturday and a Sunday. Roo had a party at three, and as I am still not driving  we were on the bus. I had an hour to do as much as possible before we had to set off. The day was so lovely. The sun was shining, the conservatory was warm and the sewing machine was one fire. Then the hour was up! Booooo! I was just getting into it to.

But off we set. Bus across the city and then a hike from the stop to the children’s soft play area. Why are children’s soft play areas so noisy? And why do they always smell of chip fat? Oh it was fun!

Having said that Roo had a whale of a time. His batteries were well and truly spent, in fact he was asleep within 20 minutes of getting home.

After the party it was a mile walk to meet up with DH and the other two monsters and then home.

On return it was back to the sewing machine. Unfortunately the enthusiasm of earlier in the day had waned and it was a bit of a chore to produce anything. However I employed the same mindset that I use when I have to mark 30 writing books- grit your teeth and get on with it. Unsurprisingly it had the same effect in that once I had started, I enjoyed what I was doing and I loved the finished pieces.

And so to the big reveal. You’ll remember that I had started a project yesterday that I knew would bring a smile to your face…. well……

Can you see it? Hidden amongst the foliage? Hold on I’ll zoom in………

Can you see it now?

I love these little hats. I have made blueberries before-  and a strawberry: once. I have to admit to preferring the strawberry; maybe because it is my adaptation of the design.  I finished this last night while watching Sport relief,  but it was after midnight so it definitely today’s tadaa.

I couldn’t resist another picture from another angle.  This little hat has got a couple of things to join it as it looks so lonely. It is so soft too as it is made with cashmerino yarn. Gorgeous. I have other ideas too to adapt the pattern – watch this space.

Anyway until tomorrow. I have another surprise for you- a project that I started today too.

Until tomorrow xxxxxxxxx


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