Day Fourteen


Waking up this morning was wonderful. The sun was streaming into the conservatory, and it was luciously warm as I sat there pondering the days happenings.

I was off to meet friends for lunch, and as I am still not driving it was to be a public transport adventure. It has been quite a revelation about how easy it is to get from place to place without using a car. Aerobics is a no no at the moment, and so just walking – especially in the sunshine, is delicious.

It was a gorgeous day today. Really warm and considering it is still March, it felt more like summer. Pit stop in town for machine needles and then onto the park.

Meeting friends with children is really strange as it was not long ago that it was me who was legging it to stop a mischievous toddler from running away (you know who you are.) Today’s toddlers ranged from 11 months to 4 years, and as soon as everything – including the kitchen sink was packed, we were off. Buggies, bikes, bags of spare clothes at the ready, the park cafe beckoning we set forth. I had forgotten how long a short walk takes: and how a blade of grass can be so interesting. I must admit that the pink princess bike was a lot easier to push than Boo’s bike was- a handy heart just at the right height so I didn’t have to bend over.

What can I say; lovely lunch, lovely company, lots of entertainment courtesy of our pre-school friends. Marvellous!

A glorious day led to a balmy evening. I had to get busy on today’s make.

My friends can verify that this is today’s make, as I bought this material on the way to meet them this morning. This is quite a sturdy bag too; fully lined with reinforced handles and sides. I am really pleased with the finished article.

Doesn’t it make you want to go shopping! Well these are certainly going to be appearing on the craft stall. Talking of which, thank you to everyone for the verbal feedback to what should and should not make an appearance. The bunnies have been met with positivity- in fact everything I have made so far seems to be viable. Does this mean that I have got to make lots of everything??? Not sure I can do that, but confidence wise I am feeling much more comfortable.

Well here we are at the end of week two. I must admit to having a marvellous time – but the house looks like a bomb site as making has taken over from cleaning! It is marvellous to see people checking the blog out, and I also love hearing people telling me to get going on today’s make; and sometimes from the most unlikely sources. After feeling a little down post op,  I have come a long way in a fortnight and I am beginning to feel that spring in my step again.

Thank you for being with me along the way – and spurring me on in my quest. xxxxx



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