Day 15


God kveld Norge. Gott kvöld Ísland.  Evening Chaps! What a busy, busy day!

Tis a good long while since I awoken without an ache in my side. One is very grateful to DH, and the elves for helping one in my recovery. I admit to not being up to date with the dusting, but in one’s current condition activities of this nature have had to take a back seat.

The birds were singing in the trees, and the sun was shining through the windows. I yawned and stretched. I leaped out of bed as the sing song sounds of the little cherubs announced that they were awake.

“Why! You cannot be up already?” I asked, as little faces beamed at me. “Come let us descend to the kitchen and forage for breakfast.”

Venturing onto the landing, I noticed something growing. Unusual and abstract in design. I have to admit at being confounded of its form and origin. “What is this?” I thought. I couldn’t understand what it could be. It was creeping through the entryway from the elves’ sleeping space. I recognised some of the units of the thing. These were items that the elves had readily agreed to put back in their proper spaces after they had been used downstairs. Why were they appearing here?

 “Tush! Tush! I must investigate this further when yon is schoolward bound.”  I thought to myself.

As the sound of singing disappeared over the brow of the hill, I began my ascent into the rafters.

Whatever could have happened here? Who could have done this to my precious children’s posessions and fine clothing?

My heart was a pitter-pattering as I stepped closer and closer to the summit of the stairway. Who could have done this? My heart was in my mouth as I viewed the destruction of the elves’ room.  The joy in my heart that had been there as I arose evaporated as the growth took shape before my eyes.

The monster was aslumber along the floor, wrapping itself around the elves’ beds. The garments that they had so carefully placed in their robe chests were being digested by the creature. And their valuable playthings were being absorbed into the very being of the  monstous stomach.

What was I to do? My fairy godmother had not seen since elf number two was born, when she had gone running to the hills- after elf number two! Unfortunately my reserve army were at school or work.

Feeling faint, I quickly descended to work out a plan, and to digest a flagon of Kenya’s finest, while watching Sir Jeremy of the Kyle to settle my nerves. rejuvenated I set forth to vanquish the  beast.

I seized  the sword of elm between my fingers and yelled


And behold six hours later the beast was dead, and peace and harmony were restored:

– at least to the second story of the castle.


There was much celebration –  and getting out of things that the elves thought that they had lost! There was also many a promise that a beast like this would not be allowed to reside in any bed chamber of the house again.

And we all lived happily ever after?

(In between feeding the waste recycling receptacle at the far end of the estate, I did have time to start a new project- portraits to follow tomorrow!) Plus a cleaning of the animal skin in the elves’ bed chamber.

I bid you adieu. xxxxxxx


About Ickleed

Hello! I am a married mother of three very lively children who keep me on my toes. When I am not cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping or socialising, I work part time as a primary school teacher.

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  1. Ha..that’s so funny!! can you do my house too. i’ve been ill for a few days and the house is a pig stye. No one else seems bothered though x

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