Day 18- Time for a breather!


Day 18! I can’t believe it! Where is the time going to?

And so we come to the end of a very busy week. I must admit to having had a very lazy day today – especially after yesterdays manic craft frenzy.  The weather is still unseasonably hot, and so the morning was spent sorting suitable clothes to wear- and crying about the clothes that no longer fit. Boo Hoo! Damn you winter comfort food!

Lunchtime was spent in a particularly nice way as it was my aunts birthday. We had agreed to meet at a local pub. I arrived- with knitting as usual, to find everyone sitting outside in the sunshine, drinking bubbles and admiring presents. Good company and nice conversation- what a decadent way to spend a school day afternoon! (Although I was not drinking. But I can reveal I am enjoying a cheeky glass of wine now. Cheers auntie M!)

Anyway onto today’s make. Having finished so much yesterday I must admit to be unenthusiastic about starting anything today. But I set myself this challenge and so there is no escape! So here it is. Drum roll perlease……….

Coming soon to a craft fair near you! That is if this makes it. I love all these colours together and this tree looks very comfortable sitting on the conservatory table. I can imagine this brightening up a very dull day.

The one thing I was determined to do before setting out on this craft fair venture was that whatever I made, I would like. I have made things in the past for the church bazaar; and as my sister says:

” Make sure that what you make you like so if no one buys it you can find it a place at home!”

I have taken two big steps today. To begin with I have taken a friend’s advice and set up a shop on Folksy (the British equivalent of Etsy so she told me 🙂 ). I have not uploaded anything in the shop yet, as that and a craft fair is too much at once. I have also registered this domain and so we are now ! Woo Hoo!

It doesn’t change much it just means that I may be easier to find on google!

Please forgive me for talking sales here. I did not start this venture for fame or money- I did it for me. I am as pleased as punch that people are following me and  like what I am doing and making. Even though I may complain, I am enjoying it all really.

Thank you for enjoying my bit of cyberspace.

See you tomorrow. xxxxxx


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  1. awesome 🙂 i really like this tree and would love one on my mantlepiece. i think that it is a really nice design. also thank you for sharing the etsy equivalent in the UK 🙂 i really needed one of these because i buy too much in the US and pay mega postage to Surrey.
    keep smiling

    • Thankyou for paying me a visit. I am glad you like the little tree- not sure it is going to make it from my mantel piece; it looks very comfortable there! (More in the pipeline!)

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