Day 19- Gah! Gah! Gah!


What a day!

Hurrah! Look what I made today.

I’m good aren’t I! This took me hours to do but it turned out well didn’t it!

And you can obviously tell from the big headedness that I didn’t actually make this.  Guess where it came from. IKEA! This is how it began…………..

I awoke this morning to find DH missing. Hockey club big dinner last night, This means it is always a late one for himself, but as I was watching a film and it finished at 2.30am I was expecting him back – but no! I don’t know what time the door actually opened but I was asleep. Roo arrived at 6.30 as usual, for a snuggle- No DH! Boo arrived after 8.00am. Where was Daddy?

It emerged he didn’t want to disturb me and had  gone to sleep on the attic  floor! It was a big night.

I had already made plans that, as I was now driving, I wanted to go and get fabric – with DH’s agreement.  I set out, leaving DH in charge –  with his hangover. Can I point out at this stage that DH is far from being an old lush – he never drinks!

I love IKEA. I love spending time in the apartments that they set up – as if to say – “This is what your life should be like!”  Why can my house never look like this! ( Oh yes – three children and a husband!)

Anyway I was in, and out in 35 mins, a record. But I have made plans to drag (and I mean DRAG!) DH there in the next month to buy everything we (I)  need (want)! On return, like the Cath Kidston scissors, this cushion simply fell into my yellow bag – honest! Gorgeous new fabrics bought too. Anyway onto sewing – what to make today?

Gah! Gah! Gah!

I think I have too many successes recently. Things I have been happy with. Today I began with lots of plans and was boasting to my sister about what I was going to do today. I should have known that things were not going well when I filled only one of the three boxes that I had bought for putting in the final produce for the craft fair. The stuff I had already made barely filled one box. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

To make matters worse, what was in my head simply did not materialise today. Look………

Now it is a rule of thumb that if you ask your eleven year old daughter what they think of something, and they started by saying..

“Well it’s good…. but…….”

Things have not gone well. Not that I didn’t know it. I have literally spent about six hours on this project – but Gah! I am not sure what is wrong with it – I think it is the flower – you probably can’t tell from this photograph. I hope! I promised you at the beginning that I would put my successes as well as my Gah’s. Here’s my first  Gah – to my mind!

What do you think? (Please comment!)

I also made this today…….

A serviette holder. I have a metal one which is a bit clunky for the centre of the table. I thought these would be good as they are smaller.

Anyway today has not been as good a day as I had hoped, so I am just going to sit and look at my new cushion and pretend for a little while. See you tomorrow. xxxxxxx


About Ickleed

Hello! I am a married mother of three very lively children who keep me on my toes. When I am not cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping or socialising, I work part time as a primary school teacher.

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