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Day 49- Post 2


Good evening.

Look at me posting early! Well I have had such a making day that I just want an evening off!

It has been a lovely day today. It was delicious to see some blue sky and sunshine after so many days of gloom. I set out on a mission to find a proper raincoat. The forecast looks like today was only a break in the rain, so I wanted to be more prepared for when the drips start to fall again.

Unfortunately I failed in my quest. Everywhere seems to have shower-proof macs, but no coats!

Arriving home I decided that one disappointment was enough for one day. I set to, to finish projects started, but unable to finish.

It’s finished! But it has already been claimed by a certain little boy. He actually wants his ‘fing’ back just the way it was. Unfortunately for him, I prefer it the way it is!

Guess what……

…it’s all backed and quilted too.

Complete with ribbon and button detail. I am very chuffed with myself! Not only this, but also…….

Can you see it?

A sun-shiney peg bag! Now this is what I had in mind when I made this last week! Sunshine, and gorgeous washing drying weather!

Well got to go as the monsters are starting to fight…and I need to get dinner on the table.

See you tomorrow.



Day 49- Post 1 Book Review


Well I have finished my prize: The Craft Business Handbook by Alison McNicol

This is sub-titled as The Essential Guide to making Money from your Crafts and Handmade Products, and gives lots of advice about setting up your own craft business.

Having previously read The Handmade Market Place by Kari Chapin, I did find the two books similar in some of the areas of advice. The Craft business Handbook did have the edge in lots of different areas however. It gave much greater detail about how to use social networking websites, and included lots of information about setting up business here in the UK which I found very useful in particular.  There was also useful tables to help with pricing of goods, and top tip tables after every section.

The book also was easy to read, and as I have not got a business background, it didn’t use business jargon, and any technical terms were explained.

I also enjoyed reading the interviews of several designers and how they set up their businesses.

I will obviously be delving into it’s pages over the next few weeks.

Day 48- Post 2


Good evening folks.

What a horrible day weather wise we have had! It has been raining more or less constantly for a week now. I now Britain is known for the rain…but this is ridiculous!

I must say that I have made the best of it. I have absolutely loved today’s make, regardless of what the weather s been doing outside. You will remember a trip to Ikea that I made a couple of weeks ago. It finished up with Roo having a new bed…..well I have to admit to having lots of bedding left over.

I have had a few ideas about what to do with this. What should I make? Whatever I made it was going to come up with objections from himself. nd sure enough….

“Hey vat’s my fing! What have you done! I needed vat! I want it back!”

Having said ‘vat’ I am very pleased with my make…what do you think?

Now in my mind I saw this piece resting on lush grass , a picnic basket upon it, with a light breeze sweeping through the trees as the sun shines on the surrounding leave and flowers. Foiled. The rain had other ideas, and the thought of the soggy mass of lawn that we have is unthinkable!

If this looks dark, that is because when we arrived back from Sunday lunch with Mum and Dad, all the lights had fused. This picture was taken in candle light. Need to sort that in a minute.

I must say I love it…although I think it will be on a certain Rooster’s bed before it makes it on any picnics. 🙂

See you tomorrow.


Day 48- Post 1


Good morning everyone…or are we afternoon yet?

I have to admit to being very lazy this morning. Listening to the rain pour down again, I found that staying in my PJ’s and reading my book was the best reaction to the weather, so that it was I did!

Therefore I have only just turned on the laptop. Can I just say that it is 6 weeks since I started this blog. I had heard about blogs before, read a few, but never really paid much attention to them. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this however…it must be the frustrated writer in me. Being a geographer too, means that statistics and the world map also has a big pull. Tuning in this morning I discovered that I had reached a major milestone.

My little blog from the rolling hills has reached 2000 visitors. That is phenomenal, considering that I am doing this for myself, and it is only six weeks since I started.

I have had visitors from: USA, Iceland, Malaysia, Norway, Ireland, Estonia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, France (Not sure this counts as it was the in-laws on holiday!), Denmark, Kuwait, Thailand, Canada and of course UK.

(I did want to put the map up that I see…but I couldn’t do it!)

Congratulations needs to be said to Norway too, as on Friday 27th April you managed to make more visits than UK!

Being a geographer it got me thinking about all the people who are visiting my little piece of cyberspace. Who are you? What do you look like?  What are your homes like? Have you just stumbled across me…or are you a secret follower? I know I have a regular visitor from Iceland!

Don’t worry! I am not going to become a stalker! I am just a ponderer! I am grateful to you for checking in as this means I am spurred on to continue my craft madness. If it had just been me I am sure I would have given up on the 365 days by now!

And so onto business. I have got to do today’s make in the next hour, as Roo has his party to go to. I have checked too…it is today!

See you later for the big reveal.


Day 47


Good evening folks.

What a day! We seemed to have disaster after disaster today.

We had a very early start, courtesy of our organic alarm clock. Did you know that you should not sleep when it is daytime? No, we didn’t either! Anyway the Rooster was very excited as It was his friend’s birthday party today and so the usual tricks didn’t work…he was hyper from the moment that he got out of bed!

A trip to town followed soon after. Sausage sandwiches all round, then present and costume buying. (It was a fancy dress party.)

Getting into the car for the journey home, I realised that it was 12.20pm. Shock! The party began at 12.30pm! Rushing home, it was action stations. Moo sorted Roo into his costume, DH was on card duty, I was on present wrapping. Then it was out to the car and off.

We dropped DH and Roo off- then realised we had forgotten the present. GRRRRRRR! So Moo, Boo and myself set off homeward bound to retrieve it. Nearly there we received a phone call from DH to tell us that there was nobody at the hall for the party.

I ran inside the house, picked up the present and the invitation… was on the 29th! TOMORROW! NOOOOOOOOOO!

We set off to find the very disappointed little boy, and Roo! (Joking!), and headed to the spring fair being hosted by Dad’s choir. On arrival the time was 1.10pm. The fair was supposed to be from 11.00 till 2.oopm. Unfortunately the raffle numbers were being called and people were packing up early. FOILED AGAIN! So after purchasing a couple of dinosaurs and an eagle, we set off home.

How was this day to be retrieved? Boo decided that he had, had enough of playing families, and so disappeared to the local park with his friend. Moo decided that she needed to watch as much television as possible to make up for missing so much due to the town visit; Roo decided he was going to join her….and promptly took over the TV to watch James Bond. DH decided that Saturday sport was in order. That left me, in the kitchen on my own. What was I going to do?

Well! I have been doing lots of preparation for the makes for the next craft fair. I have been measuring, cutting and sorting things ready to be sewn. After yesterday’s jaunt I only had time to cut a few things out last night, so the machine was calling me.

I have to admit that I have been feeling really fed up. It is not  as good as you would think being signed off work. I even felt that sewing was too much for me to do. But today I really think I have got my sewing mojo back! What do you think?

We have it in white!

We have it in black! In fact………………….

We have three of them altogether. All of them……….

….have the red lining, and of course the Ickle Ed label!

DH’s comment about them were that they should appeal to New Zealand Rugby fans at least; cheek! But I suppose he is right.

I also have this to show you……

Auntie M’s birthday teacosy, in place in her kitchen! Actually this is the large version of this cosy…and her teapot is small  so the poor pot looks rather like a baby brother wearing big brother’s coat! She assures me however, that she does have a larger pot that she uses when visitors come. I do have to admit to being quite chuffed with the outcome of the cosy. There are a few things that I would change next time, but it is great  for a first attempt!

Anyway, DVD night beckons…well it has already begun, so I had best go and join the gang.

See you tomorrow.


Day 46


“Do you want to come on a day trip tomorrow? Your Auntie M and I are going to Wiltshire to a craft centre. It’s with the Towns Women’s Guild, and somebody has dropped out. We thought that it would be a nice day out, and get you out of the house.”

Mum was in persuasive mode.

“We are leaving at 8.30 tomorrow morning. If you want to come.”

So it was decided that we would be meeting outside the local Wesley Hall.


The morning was in its usual chaos when I left.

“Where you goin’ mummy?” Roo was in inquisitive mode, rolling around the floor while Thomas, Annie and Clarabel chuffed happily around Sodor Island. Usually when I am leaving there is the ‘Can I come too?’ chorus. Not today.

“I’m going to a craft centre with Grandma.”

“Oh! OK. See you later!” Not a backward glance as I left to face the rain!


A jolly bunch of ladies of a certain age were there waiting for the minibus to arrive. I reduced the average age somewhat!

“Are we all ready to go?” The group leader was already counting heads, and looking anxiously for the bus through the rush hour traffic. “Oh wait Here we are!”

The bus approached, and, with macs and walking sticks settled, we set off.

It was as we travelled through the rain…with nowhere to run…when I found out the full story of our trip to WORCESTERSHIRE (Mother!). Apparently the local Towns Women’s Guild is partnered with another group that comes from the south. The trip was arranged to allow the two groups to meet up half way between the rolling hills and the south.

OK! This was not going to be a problem. I was after all a guest of the group and could be having a look about the craft centre while they were meeting up. This would be fine.

Then I was handed a green and purple rosette.

Apparently these were the suffragette colours….where the Towns Women’s Guild began. These were to show that we were part of the rolling hills group for the Southern Group. Why was I given one?


On arrival at the Jinny’s Ring craft centre, we saw what appeared to be converted barns surrounded by gorgeous countryside

So there we were… the thirteen of us… waiting for the other group to arrive, rosettes in place. One of us were wondering what on earth they were doing there, when a 52 seater coach arrived.

Now. Have you ever been in a situation where you have to pretend something? Like pretend to know about a subject….when you haven’t got a clue.

Today I was that person!

As the other group of ladies of a certain age clambered off their bus, they seemed to home onto the fact that there was one of the rolling hills group that still had dark hair………so young! (I’m nearly 40!) Question after question came. All were very friendly and very pleased to join up together. Was I really going to lie to these ladies?

I tried silence, allowing others of the group to speak; but then questions were aimed directly at me! (Rabbit caught in headlights time!) What did I like about the Guild? What groups was I part of? How many members did we have? Were there any younger members like myself? What could I do! How could I let my smaller group of rolling hills comrades down?

Let’s just say I’m off to confession tomorrow!

Thinking on my feet…not ever having being part of any ladies group apart from weight watchers, I drew on the next best thing. What did Mum do at the UCM (Union of Catholic Mothers for those who don’t know)?????

Just so you know for future reference Rolling Hills Comrades; We do bazaars, Knit, do teas and Coffees for events, , have guest speakers and days out….which you have to bring back presents for your expectant children, (many memories as a child). Just bear these in mind if you ever have a meet up in the near future.

After the preliminaries were over we had a wander about the centre.

A cane topper tree! This is outside the glass blowers. Let’s look inside……

Gorgeous, colourful loveliness.

A toenail was just about over the threshold….when the next wave of Southern questions introduced themselves. Dratted purple and green suffragette rosette! It was unceremoniously hidden under my cardigan!

Honestly though….I had a lovely day. I met some fabulous ladies from the South and the rolling hills, and had a gander through some lovely shops. Giggles and laughs all the way! Thank you for inviting me.xxxxx

Looking up in the glass blowers this is what we saw……

Obviously this was something that I could create in the conservatory at home.

What do you think?

I know…rather a damp squid. But a lovely flower all the same…….

See you tomorrow!