Day 21


ช่วงบ่ายของประเทศไทยดี (Translation: Good afternoon Thailand!) Góðan dag Ísland! Good afternoon UK!

I’m loving all the colours popping up on my world map to show where you are all from. It is definitely the geographer in me; I get very excited about a maps, ( but not much as DH!)

Another Monday. Where is the time going to? I was awoken by my family silently getting ready for school and work, (can you read the sarcasm in my text!) Anyway the whirlwinds left the house leaving me to clear up their trail of destruction. This is all a long winded explanation of why I am only just posting these pictures up when I promised that they would be up by lunchtime. I have only just finished them. But here we are……..

Baby Gooseberries! Want a closer look……

I’m not sure about the prickles on the hat, I think I preferred it before I put them on, but what is done is done. I am going to knit a second one anyway, and this time I will leave the prickles out. What do you think?

Anyway this was just a short afternoon pop in as I have got loads to do. I’ll maybe see you later. xxx


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