Day 22- Photographic evidence!


A few technical difficulties at this end this morning- no internet! This may be due to the 4 inches of snow we have had over night. I ask you, 23 oC last week and snow today.

Anyway as I promised here is yesterday’s efforts-

Drum Roll perlease!

A collection of small baskets

Two serviette holders

And a cuddly toy…….actually……..

It’s a Babushka door stop. I absolutely love it!. I actually stated to make this when I got back from craft club last night. I have been pondering on how to make the key rings I make into a doorstop- and inspiration seized me on the wy home. I had to act immediately and made this last night. Not bad for a first effort is it!

Anyway. I have got loads to do this afternoon, and so I will see you later for day 23’s make.

Bye for now!







About Ickleed

Hello! I am a married mother of three very lively children who keep me on my toes. When I am not cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping or socialising, I work part time as a primary school teacher.

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