Day 22- Week four!


A very slow day today as far as traffic to the blog is concerned- but not for me. It is currently 1 am in the morning and I have just finished for the day. I am very excited however, as I have had a breakthrough in a design I  have been working on. All my own work! This meant I just couldn’t stop.

I must admit to being a little deflated over the past few days. It started on Saturday when I had the nightmare flower day. Sunday was a little better- but slow going with the gooseberry hat. I was very disappointed too at not being able to show you on Sunday the finished tadaa!  I am much slower at knitting than anything else. What is more time is running out and there is still so much to do. Is it always like this before a craft fair?

Today was jut what I needed. Unfortunately it is so late that I have not had time to photograph what I have done. Sorry to disappoint you. I will, however be up early in the morning as I have promised the monsters pancakes for breakfast, so, with camera in hand, and all todays work will be up by lunchtime tomorrow. Promise.

Night Night XXXXX


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