Day 23- Hello Again!


Good afternoon USA!  God kveld Norge!  Evening and welcome Ireland!  Evening GB!  Twice in one day!  There has been lots going on in the rolling hills today.

Firstly, as you know from my previous post, we awoke to snow this morning. Always a cause for celebration by the monsters, but distress for DH and, usually, myself.  I consoled DH, made pancakes and lunch for Boo and Roo, waved them off on their snowy adventure to school, and settled down in my PJs with a mug of hot coffee.  I must admit to becoming a little stir crazy of late; but not today.  Looking out at the weather I was glad to be snuggled up inside.

I opened e-mails later this morning to discover that I had won a competition.  I subscribe to a crafting magazine and entered one of their online competitions when I was seriously laid up after the operation.  Well I won!  I have never won any competition that I have entered before, so I felt quite giddy.  I won a copy of the ‘Craft Business Handbook’. Is this is sign?

Do you like this?  It took me ages……

No! I am lying, I didn’t make it! I received another e-mail from my cousin this morning.  She is visiting from Norway at the minute and we were out for lunch last week for my aunt’s birthday.  I was really admiring the jumper that she was wearing.  It was knitted by Ida, my cousin’s wife.  I think it is gorgeous, and I would love to be able to follow this kind of pattern. I have to admit to not attempting anything so complicated. Unfortunately you cannot get the full detail from the picture – fantastic modelling Nat!

Note the snow!  Melting like mad at the minute.

I have also sorted the insurance for the craft fair.  The cheapest I got was £48. It’s 10 days away now, and so I am getting butterflies whenever I think of it!

After yesterday’s burst of activity I was determined not to stop the big push.  I still have got loads to do tonight… but I thought you might like to see these……

Can you see them all?

My little dolly door stop has multiplied!

These pictures have also been taken by Roo – sorry if they are a bit blurred.

Well, I have got to get off as we need to eat.  There are needles, pins and threads all over the floor so I need to tidy up.

See you tomorrow.  XXXXX


About Ickleed

Hello! I am a married mother of three very lively children who keep me on my toes. When I am not cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping or socialising, I work part time as a primary school teacher.

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  1. I see I have to make another one!
    I admire your hard work on the “small” things. My projects tend to take several months. That would make a boring blog!

    • I have knitting on the go too- just plain black cardigan at the moment though. I have a sleeve that has not been touched for the past three weeks. I cannot take pictures of a few lines of knitting that I have done, so that’s why little things are easier! XXX


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