Day 26- Holy Saturday (not Easter Saturday that’s next week!)


Happy  Easter!

Yes I can say that as I am sitting here polishing my halo as we speak. I have been to the Easter Vigil and celebrated the first Mass of Easter, and sung ‘Thine be the Glory’, at full blast. (only way to sing it – love that hymn!) Two hours of sitting, standing, kneeling took its toll a bit on sore tummies, but feel refreshed now, and, unlike DH, I don’t have to get up tomorrow am!

Well! I have to admit to waking this morning feeling very cheesed off with sewing. This craft fair thing is taking the fun out of making. I have been asked many times if the things I make are for sale. This always makes me a little embarrassed, but secretly proud, that someone else likes the things I create. I thought that a craft fair would be the perfect place to showcase what I do and allow people to browse or buy. The problem is that for a stall you need more than one of something to sell. Making things over and over takes away the freshness of what I am doing- although I really enjoyed making the door stops! Maybe I need to rotate what I make so, unlike last night, I am not faced with a huge batch of the same to sew, knit or crochet. Having said that I really lurve today’s make and I could make hundreds without getting bored.

Want to see?


Do you?

So! What do you think they are?

While you are thinking what it could possibly be, I will climb on my soap box and explain why today is Holy Saturday and not, as the TV keeps referring to, Easter Saturday!

Are we all agreed that yesterday was Good Friday? OK. Good. Well if Jesus has died and is laid in the tomb, what is there to celebrate? Easter is the biggest celebration in the Christian churches calendar, Starting on Easter Sunday. (Not ‘day’- different rant! 🙂 ) If we start to celebrate today we are in fact a day early, as Jesus has not risen yet- therefore today is still a solemn day, so we call it Holy Saturday! Here endeth todays sermon!

Sorry about that. This just really gets on my nerves when people start messing with names of things that have stood for generations- like a series of programmes suddenly becoming a season, or Marathons becoming Snickers! If I can’t have a rant on my own blog where else can I- Oh yes into DH’s ear! 🙂 I jest (or do I?)

Anyway do you remember this picture?

In the words of Rolf Harris- “Have you guessed what it is yet?”

This is rapidly turning into my Grandma’s game of ‘Bird’s eye view’, or for those of you with young children ‘Bit’s and Bob’s’ on Cbeebies!

Well here you are………

“Did you guess right children?”………..Dolly pegs!

I figured that really boring objects don’t have to be dull. Pretty and Practical is our motto here at Ickle-Ed, and hopefully something that I can apply more often after the manic making week is over. I think these look fab, and I can’t wait to see them dancing in the light Yorkshire breeze- or gale, as most light Yorkshire breezes tend to be!

Anyway time is pressing and I need to dress the lamb for tomorrow’s lunch. (I thought it would look good in Chanel!) So I am going to love you and leave you until tomorrow. And no I am not going to cheat (- Louise!) I said it would be 365 days on the make, and it will be- even Easter SUNDAY!

See you tomorrow, and HAPPY EASTER! xxxxxxxxxx


About Ickleed

Hello! I am a married mother of three very lively children who keep me on my toes. When I am not cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping or socialising, I work part time as a primary school teacher.

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