Day 28- Easter Monday


Good evening to USA, Danmark, Norge, Ísland and GB!

Well, we have had a very slow day today. The merriment of yesterday over, we were all tired and ready for a flop. Plenty of bank holiday television to watch- including the obligatory bank holiday viewing of Ben Hur. He won the chariot race again- just so you know!

There has not been the usual industry as far as the craft goes. I am getting a bit worried as I have so much still to make before Saturday, but I just couldn’t get motivated today. That is this Saturday I am talking about too! EEEEK! I have got to say a big thankyou in advance to Big sis and Auntie M as they are busy preparing things for the stall too.

I decided that today I would give the machine, (it is still being a bit temperamental) a rest and concentrate on things that I can do by sitting and watching the television. So I have produced these…..

Hold on I’ll zoom in a bit…….

I have made three of these so far. They are going to made into brooches for Saturday. Dad will be asking where the white roses for Yorkshire are- they are coming!

Anyway I need to get going as I want to finish off a few bits before bed.

See you tomorrow. XXXXX


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  1. Hi I found you via your sister in law- who told me of your website!! I love the idea of something everyday however I don’t know how you fit it all in. I have become an avid knitter and have begun to teach myself crochet- trying to make as much as poss at the moment to do some craft fairs etc as off work due to illness ( so extra pennies would come in very handy!!) Unfortunately I’m total rubbish at sewing so very envious of those lovely things you can make- cushions are fab! Keep putting the pics on they look great 🙂

  2. Glad you have found the blog. 🙂 I started crochet about four years ago and I love it! It’s funny what you start when you are off work…..this is how it all started for me!

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