Day 29- Easter Tuesday


Evening folks.

I know it is late, but we have been in craft fair frenzy mode today; so sorry NL, I know this won’t be ready for your bedtime reading you’ll have to read it tomorrow.

Well the day began with Moo and myself heading out for cushion pads, pegs and paint. So many people have commented on the pegs that I have decided to include them in the craft fair. I just now need to find a few hours from somewhere to paint them!

On return, we discovered a tornado or two had run amok around our house from top to bottom. The smile on their faces when we returned soon disappeared when the realisation of what they had done was read by the expression on my face! Don’t you just love school holidays! Anyway we set to, and soon I found myself, after cleaning up chocolate, felt tips and scraps of paper, in the conservatory trying to catch up on what I didn’t do yesterday. So much. DH was at home, and kept me supplied with mugs of coffee..that unfortunately I forgot to drink. I must admit I have done loads today, most of which was things that I had started but not been able to finish.

Anyway, I did manage to make something original today.

Want to see?

Well there was this to begin with. I still had some hexagons left to sort I would put them to good use. Then……

…..I made these. While making these I suddenly felt calm and in control..I knew what I was doing, I was comfy.  When I first started sewing, all those years ago, I soon discovered patchwork. I was first introduced to it by Auntie Kath, (not my real aunt; a friend of my Mum’s. 🙂 ) Anyway it was she that first showed me how to sew hexagons. From there I spent hours sewing by hand. Not long after that I discovered log cabin…. which is the patchwork above. This is a really quick patchwork, once you get going; but the preparation is immense. Each piece has to be measured accurately, otherwise it throws out the whole piece. Be slapdash at your peril! I have been saving all my little remnants of material ready; it is easier if you do a little bit over time. I may put a tutorial up if anyone is interested.

Anyway. I was having so much fun, and I had prepared enough fabric over the past few weeks that I couldn’t stop. So……..

…I made even more. These are a little harder as they are rectangular; not impossible as you can see, but they need more careful measuring.

So there we have it. A very busy evening, but I must admit to being thrilled with the outcome. I know as well that if these don’t go on Saturday, my sofa will look very summary on Saturday night.

See you tomorrow.




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