Day 30- Easter Wednesday


Good evening USA, Norge, Ísland and GB.

I need to start tonight by saying a big thank you. I turn on the laptop everyday and have a look to see if anyone has looked in. I am always over joyed if even one person, (usually DH or my Mum) has checked in. I was overjoyed when I reached double figures. Imagine my joy when I logged on last night to find that I was into triple figures! I simply couldn’t believe it! It made the cushion sewing fest worth it. Guess what; it gets better! Logging on today I have beaten yesterdays total, my best ever,  before I have even blogged. This is just the good news that I was needing. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

This means that I am not in fact talking to myself, (the first sign of madness as my older brother 2 frequently told me when we were growing up,) but also that people are interested in what I am saying- or the madness that I am doing! DH will confirm that I have literally got tears rolling down my face!

Anyway today. I have had a fabulous day. After yesterdays making madness, which I secretly loved, we were invited to a friends for a kids and grown ups meet up. Hurrah! Unfortunately being in craft fair frenzy madness mode I had to take something to make with me. I have got so much to finish before Saturday, that I felt that I couldn’t just enjoy myself. Luckily one of the grown ups was my experienced Craft Market friend, NL,  who assured me that it is like this for everyone! It was wonderful sitting and watching my friends wedding DVD and not sitting at the sewing machine. Thankyou girls- for everything xxxx

Oh it seems I am in weepy mode tonight. Not really, just a little over focussed on what is coming up. As this is my first time doing something like this I am really nervous. For those of you that know me you will know that I can stand up in front of a room of 500+ people and speak, (or sometimes even sing) without any hesitation. I have to remember that I set out on this year to push myself into doing things that are new experiences; and this is one of them. I am resolved not to stress about what will happen on Saturday, but enjoy what I am doing.

I have been busy today, despite being out. I have made some things that you have already seen. I have, however, had a few gah moments.

Have you ever got the design of something right in your head, you know how it will look, and you even know how to put it together. The problem is when you come to the construction it is a bit like Eric Morcambe playing Grieg’s piano concerto- I had all the pieces but I wasn’t necessarily putting them together in the right order!

Well I needed a fabric envelope, rather like a camera case, to contain something. I have made them before- and I was determined not to use a pattern. Unfortunately this was my first effort…

Gah! Gah! Gah! If you want to know why I was so disgusted with my efforts, look……

Not my finest hour- what a mess. Anyway, undaunted I set out to make my second piece. I am not even going to show you! I was getting a little upset by now. But I was determined. Sucking in breath I set out for effort number three. And just as I was about to give up completely it all came together.

Want a close up?

Want to see what is inside?

What is it?

TAdaa! Eco- friendly shopper!

Look at me. Kate Moss watch out! 🙂

Anyway I have got three more of these to make as I have three shoppers without an envelope! Guess where these are heading for! Three more sleeps!

See you tomorrow. XXXXX


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