Day 31- Post 3


Good evening.

I know I’m late with my final post of the day…but wait till you see what I have been up to…..

I started by finishing all the covers for the Eco-shopping bags. I am really pleased with how these turned out. I then went onto………

..two more bread baskets. But this time I left out the ties and used press studs instead. I love the blue one in particular. We had organised craft club to be at our house tonight. Big Sis 1 came with Auntie M. We had decided that we were going to price up all the things that we had made.

Now I could say that I made this today….but that would be an out right lie- especially as the stitching of the tumbling block patchwork took over 30 hours. This in fact was made by Big Sis 1. Fabulous isn’t it. She also made this……

 The colours are actually red and navy blue, but you can’t really tell in the photograph……..

…..don’t they look fabulous together.

We spent a very industrious evening. I cannot believe everything that I have made over the last month.

Want to see for yourself?

Here take a look…………

Behold a craft stall was made!

This is only a part of what I have made…but I do have to admit that there are some things that Big Sis 1 and Auntie M have made. 🙂 I need at this point to say a big thankyou to them for all their help with the stall. Writing out labels takes ages.

I also have to apologise to DH and the monsters for being short and snappy over the past few days- sorry guys!

Seeing all this together has calmed my nerves. I can see that I have now got chance to breathe before Saturday, and enjoy the Easter holidays a little. I have got very little to do now, but you will find out what that is tomorrow!



About Ickleed

Hello! I am a married mother of three very lively children who keep me on my toes. When I am not cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping or socialising, I work part time as a primary school teacher.

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  1. Hi mags, the stall looks great! I have been following your twitter just not leaving a comment. so who knows how many more are out there reading and not commenting? you could be on the news this time next year! all the best of luck for tomorrow, I’m going to try and get if I can? lots of love, Catherine XXX

  2. Hi Mags, I have family visiting for the wk end and also have an invite to ,CAPPUCCINOS & CUPCAKES a fund raising event one of my friends is putting on. But I will pop round to the craft fair. (Can you bring my stuff plz, how much do I owe you or are we doing it as a trade off lol)

  3. This looks great! So wish we didn´t have to go home yesterday! I hate missing out on this and would have loved to help with the labels last night… Anyway, hope everything goes well tomorrow. Good luck!

    • Sorry I didn’t get chance to see you before you left. We would have loved your help with the labels, but I can tell you are back home as Norway’s statistics have risen dramatically 🙂 See you soon. xxx

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