Day 34- Lazy day!


God ettermiddag Norge! Good morning USA!  Afternoon chaps!

We had a lovely relaxed evening last night. We opened a delicious glass of wine and ordered a take away, as neither myself or DH could face cooking. The TV was turned off, and for the first time in ages we sat and talked.

I have been completely exhausted today….and I was in bed asleep before midnight! That is the first time in over a week. I celebrated being exhausted by having a lazy morning and staying in bed watching crud on TV; while DH had to herd the monsters- aren’t I awful! I also have to admit that when mum and Big Sis 2 rang from north of the border I was not still in bed; but I was still in my pajamas! 😮

It was lovely to have a chat- and relax without feeling guilty that I was not making something for the craft fair. Roo was not very happy as the older monsters had disappeared to the park, (this time with my consent) with friends, but without him. For this reason he decided that he would sit on my head; and not talk to Grandma!

Shops then beckoned! As my parents have disappeared we have to forage for ourselves this Sunday lunch. We usually go over to theirs! I also had to collect birthday surprises for Boo who turns nine next week.

It was a good job that I left all the surprises in the car, as all three were waiting eagerly for my return to ransack the shopping bags to see if I had brought something in for them.

And then I began today’s make!  Shop name= IckleEd

Tadaa! I have set up a Folksy shop!

I have to explain what Folksy is; as until a few weeks ago I didn’t know either! Folksy is an online shopping website especially for craft and vintage products. It works a bit like ebay, only for home-made products. There is an American equivalent called Etsy- that I had heard of; but I was directed to the British equivalent by my friend NL.

I have to mention NL a bit more as she has been superb in helping me with all of this craft stuff. She started making things for shops and craft fairs a few years ago when she was off sick from work. She was much braver than me and took her stock to shops and got them to sell it there…don’t think I could do that! She has been a fountain of knowledge about the craft scene, lent me books and given advice. She also happens to be covering me for part of the time while I am off sick. I am definitely in her debt! A huge thank you to her as she has not laughed once…well go on, just once….at the stuff I have made (but other people liked it!). This makes me happy as her stuff is awesome. Anyway it was she that told me about Folksy. As I was in the process of setting up an Etsy shop and met the insurance nightmare, this was a fantastic alternative. It also allows you to sell abroad if you want to.

I have received quite a few messages from people saying that they want to do craft fairs but don’t have time to make all the stock required…maybe this is the way to go?

I am not cheating today either. Setting up the Folksy shop took nearly two hours as I had lots of computer type stuff to deal with! I am also continuing with the knitting you saw yesterday……just a slow knitter!

I thought I’d finish with this………

Auntie M emailed me lots of pictures from yesterdays sale. Thought I’d feature one of them here.  Something else I learned – take a longer table-cloth to hide all the boxes underneath the table.

Anyway guy’s my lazy day continues….but world war three has broken out in the sitting room….and DH is commanding that I fetch cabbage from the garden. My own home grown….yum! Dad will vouch that I hate cabbage…but I love this stuff. (Did I tell you that I just love gardening too..and grow lots of fruit and veg? Maybe future makes!)

See you tomorrow.




About Ickleed

Hello! I am a married mother of three very lively children who keep me on my toes. When I am not cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping or socialising, I work part time as a primary school teacher.

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  1. Thanks hun – it’s been a pleasure all round and you are awesome! Felt so proud of you yesterday. Well done on Craft Fair sign up – while you’re on a roll … !

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