Day 35


Good evening.

Why is it that when you have loads to do you just don’t have any energy? The fact is that in between being a mum and making, I have got to try and fit some housework in too.

Today was spent charging around trying to get everything done that I have let slide over the past week or so…including a monster washing pile! I also had to face shopping with three monsters.

I don’t know how you find shopping with boys, but mine simply do not like shops. From being a baby in the pram, Boo used to scream as soon as we crossed over the threshold of a shop…..and he has not got any better! So he was bribed with lunch at John Lewis’ and a look around the toy department! Then it was off to the ‘Boring bank’ and home.

Not such a fun packed day – but it is Monday!

So to today’s make. I have to admit that the knitting that you saw on Saturday is still what I am working on at the moment, so it is a bit boring to show you as a tadaa! I think after all the extras that I did leading up to last Saturday I seem to be going at a slower pace. I promise you that I will have something to show you tomorrow…even if I have to make something else to do it.

In the meantime I have this to show you……..

I am going to admit that I didn’t make these today. In fact I made them in February. I like these as they are appliqued hearts. Unfortunately I need to work on this craft as I am still a little wobbly at it. I think the problem is that I go too quickly on the machine. Anyway, these worked out quite well I thought. I intend to have a go soon at this craft discipline, so you can tell me if I improve.

Anyway I need to go and sleep as I have a very busy day tomorrow.

See you later.





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