Day 41


Dobry wieczór Polska! God Kveld Norge! Good afternoon USA! Evening Chaps!

What have I been up to today?

Well the day started with a visit to Ma and Pa’s house to make sure it was in pristine condition for their return from the north tomorrow. We actually had Easter Sunday lunch/ dinner there, as there were so many of us. Myself and Big sis 1 wanted to make sure that every trace of our use was eradicated… that we could do the same again! 🙂

Unfortunately the morning took a disastrous turn when Auntie M brought coffee and biscuits into the equation….well it would have been rude to refuse! So after telling DH that I would be an hour, I was actually three and a half! Tush Tush!

Then it was back to cook Sunday lunch. DH had started preparations by sorting the roast. Actually we invested in a joint of brisket at the farm yesterday. We were served by a very jolly butcher, and Dh did his research on the internet to find out how best to cook it. He actually cooked it in the slow cooker! Never heard of this before, but it was gorgeous, can thoroughly recommend it. Let me know if you want the recipe.

Sorry to any vegetarians…………

So onto todays make.

Big sis 1 said I should actually put a picture of the Yorkshire puddings that I made….but that would not have been a challenge. If a Yorkshire woman can’t make a pudding then shame on her! (I jest 🙂 )  (Don’t think Aunt Bessie was from Yorkshire either….Sorry to disappoint you!) Of course the challenge is not in making them rise alone, but in making them rise with using as little egg as possible. If I couldn’t make them properly my Grandma would be back to chastise me, having taught me herself! (She could make them properly…risen and everything with one egg.)

So the Yorkshire’s were out! So what else did I have time for?

Well I have started a new project. Woo Hoo! I am really excited about this as it is for me. Woo Hoo! Unfortunately this project involves lots of preparation. Cutting lots of materials and sorting of colours. Suffice it to say, I am in fabric heaven. Gorgeous colours and lots of cotton. But I have little to show for my efforts…which is immense.

I know you are disappointed…but you won’t be when you see the finished product. Promise. (Sorry I have no photo’s to show you today.)

I have been cheered by lots of positivity this weekend. Quite a few people have asked me if I am selling  the things that I make. I have in fact dabbled in this…however my costs completely outweigh any profit that I make. I am making for the love of making…and to keep myself busy in my recuperation. I have set up the folksy shop…see link below. Alternatively, if you would like anything, please email me.

That over and done with, I will return tomorrow with promised pictures.

See you tomorrow.



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