Day 45- Post 2


Good evening.

Blogging much earlier as I am off to craft club. Time to gather thoughts, share ideas and drink coffee with Mum, Auntie M and Ter Lou- (Big Sis 1).

Well after posting this afternoon it was charging to Don Valley Stadium time. Moo was running for her school in the 800m x3 relay. Boo and Roo picked up by DH, we only had time to pick up DH’s boss (who’s daughter was running too), then off to wait in tea time traffic!

By the time we arrived Boo, who had consumed a chocolate biscuit, was climbing the walls, and the races were in full swing. The good thing about having a daughter who runs in longer distance races is that we hadn’t missed it as all the 4x 200m races were to be run first.

Moo was very excited as this was the first time she had run at the stadium since she did the Mini Great Yorkshire run many moons ago. She was also very proud to be representing her school for the first time. She is not very big…but boy can she run!

Cheering on the other members of her team, she warmed up by the side of the track. Practising baton change overs- she is a cross country runner normally, and so this was something new. She was heading out to the starting line………….when the heavens opened and monsoon floods hit us. Everyone quickly scrambled under cover, apart from the obligatory adolescent idiots who think it is cool to stand out in the wet! (How we laughed with them, pointed and said ‘Cool’ when we saw them!)

The result was that Moo’s race was cancelled as the track was flooded. 😦 We brought home a very disappointed girlie.

It has not stopped raining since. My love of the comforting sound of the rain pattering against the conservatory roof is turning to loathing.

I certainly don’t require today’s make at the minute……

Now this isn’t the best photograph of this make. As I was sewing this I had thoughts of the artistic image that I would present to you. This was going to be taken in the place where this will be used. Visions of it dancing on a line in the breeze drifted through my head as I stitched away. I was thwarted by the weather. Do you know what it is?

I’ll give you a clue……..

Can you see my dolly pegs peeking out? Yes it’s an Ickle-Ed peg bag! I love it…but I nearly always say that don’t I! Well I have designed this so that The large strap fits over the top of the washing line, and allows you to dip your hand in for the pegs . It is/ will be fastened with velcro, and it will have press studs to close the bag when not in use. It does have a loop at the back so you can hang it from a hook when it is not needed……like today!

I will post pictures with a full demonstration of it in action when I have sewn everything I have not managed to do so far…..and when it stops raining!

Anyway my lovelies, time is pressing and I have to go and craft.

See you tomorrow.





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Hello! I am a married mother of three very lively children who keep me on my toes. When I am not cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping or socialising, I work part time as a primary school teacher.

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