Day 47


Good evening folks.

What a day! We seemed to have disaster after disaster today.

We had a very early start, courtesy of our organic alarm clock. Did you know that you should not sleep when it is daytime? No, we didn’t either! Anyway the Rooster was very excited as It was his friend’s birthday party today and so the usual tricks didn’t work…he was hyper from the moment that he got out of bed!

A trip to town followed soon after. Sausage sandwiches all round, then present and costume buying. (It was a fancy dress party.)

Getting into the car for the journey home, I realised that it was 12.20pm. Shock! The party began at 12.30pm! Rushing home, it was action stations. Moo sorted Roo into his costume, DH was on card duty, I was on present wrapping. Then it was out to the car and off.

We dropped DH and Roo off- then realised we had forgotten the present. GRRRRRRR! So Moo, Boo and myself set off homeward bound to retrieve it. Nearly there we received a phone call from DH to tell us that there was nobody at the hall for the party.

I ran inside the house, picked up the present and the invitation… was on the 29th! TOMORROW! NOOOOOOOOOO!

We set off to find the very disappointed little boy, and Roo! (Joking!), and headed to the spring fair being hosted by Dad’s choir. On arrival the time was 1.10pm. The fair was supposed to be from 11.00 till 2.oopm. Unfortunately the raffle numbers were being called and people were packing up early. FOILED AGAIN! So after purchasing a couple of dinosaurs and an eagle, we set off home.

How was this day to be retrieved? Boo decided that he had, had enough of playing families, and so disappeared to the local park with his friend. Moo decided that she needed to watch as much television as possible to make up for missing so much due to the town visit; Roo decided he was going to join her….and promptly took over the TV to watch James Bond. DH decided that Saturday sport was in order. That left me, in the kitchen on my own. What was I going to do?

Well! I have been doing lots of preparation for the makes for the next craft fair. I have been measuring, cutting and sorting things ready to be sewn. After yesterday’s jaunt I only had time to cut a few things out last night, so the machine was calling me.

I have to admit that I have been feeling really fed up. It is not  as good as you would think being signed off work. I even felt that sewing was too much for me to do. But today I really think I have got my sewing mojo back! What do you think?

We have it in white!

We have it in black! In fact………………….

We have three of them altogether. All of them……….

….have the red lining, and of course the Ickle Ed label!

DH’s comment about them were that they should appeal to New Zealand Rugby fans at least; cheek! But I suppose he is right.

I also have this to show you……

Auntie M’s birthday teacosy, in place in her kitchen! Actually this is the large version of this cosy…and her teapot is small  so the poor pot looks rather like a baby brother wearing big brother’s coat! She assures me however, that she does have a larger pot that she uses when visitors come. I do have to admit to being quite chuffed with the outcome of the cosy. There are a few things that I would change next time, but it is great  for a first attempt!

Anyway, DVD night beckons…well it has already begun, so I had best go and join the gang.

See you tomorrow.



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  1. I love the bags Magz, I have used mine every single day since bought it, think I need a wax one tho as its getting mucky lol

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