Day 48- Post 1


Good morning everyone…or are we afternoon yet?

I have to admit to being very lazy this morning. Listening to the rain pour down again, I found that staying in my PJ’s and reading my book was the best reaction to the weather, so that it was I did!

Therefore I have only just turned on the laptop. Can I just say that it is 6 weeks since I started this blog. I had heard about blogs before, read a few, but never really paid much attention to them. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this however…it must be the frustrated writer in me. Being a geographer too, means that statistics and the world map also has a big pull. Tuning in this morning I discovered that I had reached a major milestone.

My little blog from the rolling hills has reached 2000 visitors. That is phenomenal, considering that I am doing this for myself, and it is only six weeks since I started.

I have had visitors from: USA, Iceland, Malaysia, Norway, Ireland, Estonia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, France (Not sure this counts as it was the in-laws on holiday!), Denmark, Kuwait, Thailand, Canada and of course UK.

(I did want to put the map up that I see…but I couldn’t do it!)

Congratulations needs to be said to Norway too, as on Friday 27th April you managed to make more visits than UK!

Being a geographer it got me thinking about all the people who are visiting my little piece of cyberspace. Who are you? What do you look like?  What are your homes like? Have you just stumbled across me…or are you a secret follower? I know I have a regular visitor from Iceland!

Don’t worry! I am not going to become a stalker! I am just a ponderer! I am grateful to you for checking in as this means I am spurred on to continue my craft madness. If it had just been me I am sure I would have given up on the 365 days by now!

And so onto business. I have got to do today’s make in the next hour, as Roo has his party to go to. I have checked too…it is today!

See you later for the big reveal.



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