Day 48- Post 2


Good evening folks.

What a horrible day weather wise we have had! It has been raining more or less constantly for a week now. I now Britain is known for the rain…but this is ridiculous!

I must say that I have made the best of it. I have absolutely loved today’s make, regardless of what the weather s been doing outside. You will remember a trip to Ikea that I made a couple of weeks ago. It finished up with Roo having a new bed…..well I have to admit to having lots of bedding left over.

I have had a few ideas about what to do with this. What should I make? Whatever I made it was going to come up with objections from himself. nd sure enough….

“Hey vat’s my fing! What have you done! I needed vat! I want it back!”

Having said ‘vat’ I am very pleased with my make…what do you think?

Now in my mind I saw this piece resting on lush grass , a picnic basket upon it, with a light breeze sweeping through the trees as the sun shines on the surrounding leave and flowers. Foiled. The rain had other ideas, and the thought of the soggy mass of lawn that we have is unthinkable!

If this looks dark, that is because when we arrived back from Sunday lunch with Mum and Dad, all the lights had fused. This picture was taken in candle light. Need to sort that in a minute.

I must say I love it…although I think it will be on a certain Rooster’s bed before it makes it on any picnics. 🙂

See you tomorrow.



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