Day 49- Post 2


Good evening.

Look at me posting early! Well I have had such a making day that I just want an evening off!

It has been a lovely day today. It was delicious to see some blue sky and sunshine after so many days of gloom. I set out on a mission to find a proper raincoat. The forecast looks like today was only a break in the rain, so I wanted to be more prepared for when the drips start to fall again.

Unfortunately I failed in my quest. Everywhere seems to have shower-proof macs, but no coats!

Arriving home I decided that one disappointment was enough for one day. I set to, to finish projects started, but unable to finish.

It’s finished! But it has already been claimed by a certain little boy. He actually wants his ‘fing’ back just the way it was. Unfortunately for him, I prefer it the way it is!

Guess what……

…it’s all backed and quilted too.

Complete with ribbon and button detail. I am very chuffed with myself! Not only this, but also…….

Can you see it?

A sun-shiney peg bag! Now this is what I had in mind when I made this last week! Sunshine, and gorgeous washing drying weather!

Well got to go as the monsters are starting to fight…and I need to get dinner on the table.

See you tomorrow.



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