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Days 79 and 80!


Good evening! I hope you are well. Apologies if you were disappointed by the lack of a post yesterday….I have been ever so busy, beavering away on the latest project!

What have I been up to?

Well; I needed to get this cardigan finished. The end was so insight that I needed to give it one last push to get it done. The needles were going clickety clack, smoke was almost visible I can tell you. Earlier on this evening I cast off the final few stitches…………

…….Tadah! A finished right front of my cardigan! I was a very happy bunny as I gathered the pieces together to measure them up together.

NO! What was this? Could it be?

……The new right front is too big! Gah! Gah! Gah!

Over an inch difference! Gah! What am I going to do?

Simple. I am going to have to unpick the right front and start all over again. 😦 This is a major Gah! It makes me wonder whether I have got the measurements right for the back and left front. This is why I find knitting so difficult, but I am not going to let it put me off. I may however have to leave this project for a couple of weeks though. I can’t face unpicking and restarting again in the next couple of days.

I’m going to bed…..very disappointed.

See you tomorrow.






Day 78- Giving Thanks.


As a busy person, to suddenly be bought to an abrupt stop is a bit of a shock to the system. I have worked for years, to a timetable, with sharp focus on what I need to do. The nature of my job means that two days are never the same. I give thanks everyday for the chance to work with young people, and the lessons that they, in their innocent wisdom, can teach me; and in turn, I hope, (I don’t want to presume),  that in my role, I inspire them.  I rarely have a day when I have wondered why I chose the career path I did. Light bulb moments in children is the greatest gift in my work….better than any million pound deal!

This recent medical interlude has been really difficult, I will not lie to you. I was made to stop. Physically I have found it difficult to do things that I have in the past taken for granted. The lack of an end date to my confinement has meant that I have had so much frustration. I am a teacher…we plan….a lot! What do you mean you don’t know how long this is going to take! Planning is part of my everyday….it is part of me.

But I have to look at a positively. I need balance.

What have I gained from this experience? What can I give thanks for? …………..

  • Being made to stop. This may seem like a silly thing as it has caused me so much frustration. Stopping…for once…..has to be turned on its head. I could think woe is me, but I have had to face the fact that I don’t ever stop. Is this a good thing? I have come to the conclusion that stopping every now and again and putting your head up and seeing what is going on in the rest of the world has to be a good thing. It certainly puts this into perspective.

Thank you!

  • Being bored! As a mother I can honestly say that I never have time to be bored. Life can become a bit of a treadmill. Grabbing quick meals, doing the same activities with my children. I spend my time telling my charges that boredom is a good thing, as it keeps the imagination going. I was frightened when my whole timetable was tipped on its head. But I needed to practise what I preached……get my imagination flowing. I have gone back 25 years; when I last had time on my hands, and I had time to be as wild with my imagination as I wanted.

Thank you!

  • Time! For the first time for 25 years I have had time. It scared me…I will admit it. What was I going to do? There is only so much daytime TV you can watch; I can’t garden as it requires too much heavy lifting, bending and stretching; it’s raining so a walk is out of the question. I had to think fast. Using the time and mixing it with the boredom it had a positive outcome.

Thank you!

  • Lost skills! So; what did I get up to? Well imagination wise I am definitely drawn to the creative side. Textiles is a passion that I had completely forgotten about. The rain was falling, What was I going to do? Imagination fired, the sewing machine came out. I was home! Feeling the material flowing through my fingers was bliss.

Thank you!

  • Finding new skills. Blogging! What was all this about? I had heard about it, but thought it was a buzz word that I simply didn’t have time for. But I needed a focus, something that would keep me occupied for the duration of my recovery. Something that would stop me from sitting in front of the TV everyday. It was DH that suggested I blogged, he thought it would be therapeutic. A Year on the Make was born, and I have to admit I love blogging. Taking me from the reality of the day, and allowing me to focus on the positives of my life at the moment.

Thank you!

Why am I reflecting at this time? Well, a return to work is imminent…..I hope. I have enjoyed these stolen days, because I have made myself enjoy them. The reality is that I have made myself focus on the positives…writing about negatives is a real turn off. This blog started life as a form of occupational therapy, but it has become something that I love to write at the end of each day. I want to amuse, I don’t want to offend  – Mum will keep me in line on that score! 🙂 ; and I hope you are enjoying reading about my journey.

See you tomorrow


PS. I have been doing this too today. See it is nearly finished!

Day 77- A day late!


Good afternoon.

I hope you are all well…and that muscles are not aching too much for those of you that ran the half marathon. I always find that the second day after exercise is the worst day. Not that I am doing much exercise at the minute…..DR’s orders!

So what have I been up to?

Well; we have had a short but very enjoyable visit from Sister In Law. She came up and stayed over night with us. It has been I while since I saw her, and it was great to catch up about goings on.  She will verify that I did do my make yesterday too, but it would have been rude to break up her short visit while I blogged last night.

DH had a day’s holiday yesterday, to recover from the previous day’s activities, which meant he was able to do the heavy lifting in the tidying up process, ready for Sis in Law’s visit. Tidying up was the name of the game as, when I used my critical eye on the house on Sunday, I could honestly say that there was no way any visitor would be let passed the threshold. We muddled through…. together…me sitting and directing, DH moving. Great team work!

We had to give a yellow card to monsters 2 and 3. They have been warned that next time they leave their room in a state, black sacks would be coming out, and things littering the floor would be binned! We will see how long it takes.

So what was yesterday’s make? Well I wanted something that was a little bit different from what I usually do. When I set out on this project I wanted to try new things or do things in different ways. Yesterday I certainly made some thing familiar in a different way.

I found that in my stash of making things I had a number of sheets of paper. I began a few days ago, if you remember, cutting out triangles.

Do you remember these? Well I spent a little time yesterday cutting out the rest of the triangles in a range of colours.

I am not sure whether you are familiar with Washi tape? This is paper tape from Japan that can be cut, torn, written on, stuck to things, unstuck to things, and generally used to decorate things. Well I have invested in some to produce this………..

…..paper bunting! I have really enjoyed making this. I know it looks a little bit rough around the edges at the moment…but we will get there.

I think it looks bright and colourful and really cheers me up.

See you later


Day 76- Ouch!


Good evening!

I hope are all of you have enjoyed a sun-shiney Sunday, and are feeling relaxed and refreshed ready to face the week ahead.

Well, I need to start today with an apology. Mum saw yesterdays post and thought that my soap box ramblings about Eurovision sounded like sour grapes. I hope that you could read that I had my tongue in cheek as I was writing. To be honest, we tune into Eurovision every year, sometimes with a score sheet, (but don’t tell anyone!) It has become a sort of family tradition here, as we discuss the performance and costumes of the competitors. We love predicting the way the voting will go….like Cyprus always giving 12 points to Greece; and the Boznia-Herzogovena (is that how you spell it?) / Macedonia/ Serbia triangle of patting each other on the back with  points! You’ve got to admit it has become somewhat predictable, and it was this I was commenting on rather than arguing about who the winner was! Hopefully you saw it as the silly banter it was meant to be. 🙂

Moving on! Today was another hot day. Not as breezy as yesterday, but hot all the same. The sunburn that I obtained yesterday meant that I was woken every time I turned over in the night. Ouch! I started today lathering on layers of factor 30, and covered shoulders and back before venturing anywhere. I really felt for those brave souls…DH included….who ran tha half marathon today. It was a fantastic achievement especially  in this heat. Congratulations to all of you, whether you finished or not, I certainly couldn’t do it

While Dh was pounding the streets with few thousand others, the boys and myself toasted Dad with coffee/ tea/ apple juice and Danish pastries! Hurrah!

Then on to making. So what did I do? Well I still had some familiar fabric left, and overjoyed with the shoulder bag I made earlier this week I decided to create this……..

This is using the same pattern as the floral and tartan bags…..but I love it. These bags hold loads, and since making the larger shoulder bag I have not stopped using it. They are great for taking away too as they can be packed flat, and are so much more appealing than the normal tote bags. This one may be making its way on holiday too. Hurrah!

I have not forgotten about the little triangles that I showed you earlier this week too. I just have not had time to finish it yet. Maybe tomorrows Tadah?

Anyway I have a snoring Rooster next to me who needs moving to his bed, so I shall sign off for tonight.

See you tomorrow.




Day 75- again!



So we didn’t win Eurovision again. Booooo! All good-natured fun of course. We tune in every year to see Eastern European countries…….most of which are in Asia….voting for their neighbours because they leant them a fiver 20 years ago. It should not be allowed, it should go back to a panel of judges from each country. I do have to rebuke Ireland for their 4 measly points they gave us! We gave you 10 points…where’s the tit for tat? Cheeky monkeys!

Anyway! Enough of my ramblings. What else have I been up to today? Well as I told you yesterday, we went on a picnic today. Well we set off, suncream hats and t-shirts in place, to Padley Gorge in Derbyshire. Want to see?

This is a beautiful spot in The Peak District National Park. Unfortunately it is known by the masses, and so it was snided today. Why were there so many there? Well……

Isn’t it gorgeous? We had a lovely day sitting there under a tree by the river……

The monsters were thoroughly worn out running around, paddling in the stream, building dams and collecting leaves to make boats and rafts. I meanwhile sat under my tree knitting, and knitting away. I am determined to finish this cardigan before I go away. There was a lovely breeze, and so the temperature today was not too high. Delicious!

It came back to bite me tonight however. Even after all my precautions, the factor 15 suncream, sitting under a tree in the shade….I am still sunburnt. BOOOOO! Not fair. It just shows you how careful we have to be….especially when there is a lull you into a false sense of security breeze. Be warned!

Anyway me dears, I have not got a finished product to show you today. I have continued with my knit, and hopefully it won’t be too long before I can show you the finished product. Forgive me for not wanting to show you the work in progress. I think it is a bit boring to show you an unstitched sleeve or a half finished front. I promise you will see as soon as it’s done.

So I will sign off for now.

See you tomorrow.


PS. Good luck to everyone who is running in the half marathon tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be too hot for you. Take care and drink lots along the way.

Day 75


Just a quick pop in.

I hope my European friends….ie Norway and Iceland…..are voting for the UK in Eurovision. (Go on you know you want to!)

Speak to you later!

xxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

PS. What the hell was Molodova all about?

Day 74- Friday madness!


Good evening! I hope you are all well.

Have you ever had a day where it seems to be peaks and troughs? That happened to me today 😦 Waking this morning I must say I had a lovely sleep, but I had to drag myself out of bed early as it was Boo’s assembly. We had forgotten to buy cakes that are desperately needed by the artists after their mornings work, so I trudged my way up the road, with instructions ringing in my ears about the type and quantity that were needed.

Arriving home I found a defiant Roo refusing to get dressed, and a very angry DH chasing him round with various items of clothing. I can hardly blame him. Thomas the Tank Engine was on, and he was loving the fact that having no clothes on meant he was nice and cool!

Clothes finally in place we set off for school.

I must say the assembly was fabulous. A special tribute to the Queen, celebrating her 60 years on the throne, with songs and events from the six decades she has reigned. We had Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Saturday Night Fever and the Spice Girls. My favourite had to be Boo (of course,) Moonwalking across the hall in a Michael Jackson Thriller outfit. That boy is game for anything! Well done Mrs L for writing and organising the whole thing. having been there I know how much preparation, organisation and sleepless nights go with any production . The powerpoint was brill.

After a fantastic interlude I set off home. After the past few days of summer, I need to sort out my wardrobe ready for our imminent holiday. Now I don’t know about you but I have got lots of summer clothes…in various sizes. These are worn for a short period of the year, place in vacuum seal bags and stowed away. Every year the same sentence is said…

‘I’ll save that because I will diet into it.’

Every year, the same belief that this will be the year that those skinny white jeans will be flashed around my person for our brief summer. This  means that they linger around taunting me! Why do I do it to myself? I know why…if I get rid of them it means that there is no chance that they will ever fit, I will have given up. So when I opened the bag…there they were, top of the pile smirking at me! They were swiftly placed in the ‘not this year’ pile…….again………..and I began rifling through the other items.

I finished the task feeling thoroughly depressed. The not this year pile was huge, this years pile was small.  Should I go and buy more clothes? No I do have enough. DH does not share my enthusiasm for shopping, (not really the shopping, more the spending of money!) I would have to make do.

Talking of DH, I had arranged to meet up with him for lunch. It being another glorious day I decided to walk. Comfy Birkenstocks in place I set off.

Can I ask why,  (Climbs onto soap box!) students are so rude! I must admit to being only 5’4″, I know I am small, but I have as much right to walk on a pavement than anyone else. As DH works in student land I had to walk down through the masses to meet up. Why do these young people think that walking three abreast is OK? Why do they think that anyone who is walking towards them should move out of their way by stepping into a busy road? Why do they think that hitting fellow pedestrians with their rucksacks on their backs when turning to talk to their mates is acceptable? Why do they think that when someone refuses to move for the three of them it is OK to tut and snarl? Unfortunately for the young lady who snarled she chose the wrong person. Maybe it was the temperature of the midday sun?  Maybe it was the previously comfy Birkenstocks that were now killing her feet because they are not really designed for walking in? Who knows? Needless to say she was rather red faced when the innocent pedestrian had said her piece!

Onto lunch. It was a rather lovely affair. Sitting outside a cafe watching the world go by. All to soon it was time to set off for the afternoon chores. After being whacked by rucksacks, stood ground a couple of times and cursed the bloody Birkenstocks I discovered the car.

This afternoon was spent finishing the sleeve for the cardigan that I am making. I now only have to make the right front and were good to go. Hurrah! I broke off temporarily to collect the boys, but then got right back to it. I have finished the sleeve, and started the front.

This is how it will look, apart from mine is in black cotton and this is not me!

Obviously I will look exactly like this! (Thin!) If you want to know this is a Twillys of Stamford pattern.

I spent a delicious hour sitting in the back garden…supposedly knitting. Unfortunately I was entertaining the neighbours with my snoring. 😦 How embarrassing! You can’t take me anywhere. I disappeared into the house to make tea.

Well my lovelies with such an up and down day nearly behind me, I am going ‘up’ to bed. I will show a picture of how much of the cardigan I have achieved tomorrow. Can’t wait…we’re going on a picnic!

See you tomorrow