Day – I can’t believe it’s day 50!


Good morning!

May the First be with you!

Just thought I’d pop in to show you a couple of things before I being the day.

We are beginning to start the craft fair madness again…DH is so pleased! I sat last night and started making a few little things ready for the 12/ 13th. I cannot believe that it is the first of May either! Where is time going to?

Anyway! To begin with there is this……….

We have Ickle-Ed stickers!

We also have this………


No! It;’s not a vest!  (Like DH said!) It’s……..

It’s another handbag shopper!

The reason I am posting so early is that I want to know what you think of these. Should I waste my time, and fabric making more? I think these are really nice, and I have got one in my handbag. (Very handy it is too!) At the last craft fair only one sold. 😦

Now I am not going to get too down about this as I am sure it was how I presented them……..but just in case, Please let me know what you think.

Thank you in advance.

Also just thought I’d mention…….check out the ‘Your Makes’ page. Some fab makes there already. Yours could be there too. Just email pictures to me.

See you later




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  1. I think your right it might be how you displayed them but as space is an issue how about a laminated pic of them on your craft stall so folk can see how they look opened then display all the packed ones next to the laminate !!!!! I think they are worth doing, I want one :)…….

    • You want everything Rendell! Thank you for the feedback. Great minds think alike, as I have already got photo’s sorted for the peg bags, handbag shoppers too. Hurrah!

  2. These are a great idea I have a few of these dotted around in different handbags so I always have one when I am out. A laminate would be a fab idea then people can see them properly. 🙂

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