Day 53- Again


Good evening!

Oh I am tired…and so is the poorly machine! We have been hard at it since the previous blog! But we are now ensconced with a glass of wine, and some machine oil feeling quietly smug about what we have achieved today. If you listen carefully you may hear the chink of a wine glass.

So what was it in aid of. Well Craft Fair II in next Saturday. :-O Bit scary as I still have loads to do. So it was with a mission that I set out today. (Cue Mission impossible music)

Want to see? Of course you do or you would not have tuned in again…especially for my inane ramblings. So here we go…….

I started small with two small Union Flag, Jubilee cushions. (It’s only a Jack on a ship you know!) Did you guess what the patchwork was for last night?

I then moved on to the larger cushions…and carried on the same theme.

I then moved on to Lady Jo’s camper Van Cushion. She asked for two weeks ago…It’s done!

By now I was on a roll.

Can you see the patchwork that was previewed on the peg bag post? Yep, it’s been used. I’m sorry about the grainyness of these pictures again….lamplight is not good. I will post daytime photo’s tomorrow am. You will then be able to see the deep pinks and greens that I have used.

Finally a pink and green log cabin. I was getting a bit bored with the blue and green combination….time for a change. So there we have it……..

……..a jumble of cushions. Or……

…..a pile of them!

See you tomorrow.







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