Day 54


Good afternoon.

I don’t know about your day, but mine has been a bit of a damp squiB. Have you ever woken up feeling as though you have never been asleep? That is how I felt this morning!

It was delicious to see the sun streaming into the conservatory…but a headache started and just would not go away.

Despite this I wanted to get started straight away as it being a Saturday, the children were at home so we needed to get out and wear ourselves out. I had started a project that you have seen an inkling of over the last week, and I wanted to get it finished quickly….how wring I was! In total this project has taken over 5 hours to complete. Want to see what all the fuss is about? …….

Most of you will be saying ‘very nice’ (I hope!) The fact is, these have taken at least half an hour for each flag, 1.5 metres of ribbon per flag, and a lot of concentration! Is it any wonder I have got a headache! So what are they for?

Well, it’s to be used later on this month.

TADAH!  …………  Jubilee Bunting!

My idea was to do loads of this for the sale next week. Forget it! And if I decide to take this set with me (which I absolutely love) the price tag will be 10 million pounds. 🙂

Anyway; head is throbbing, so I shall see you tomorrow.



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