Day 55


Good morning!

Yes I’m posting particularly early today as I have lots to do…and I’m not sure I’ll be able to post again this evening.

The day began early. DH is away from today till Wednesday, and so myself and Moo had to be up to see him off. He says it is work…but he is off to the Olympic site for a good nosey round…and to watch hockey. How can that be work? He’ll be back on Wednesday claiming he is really tired, but with lots of information about how the stadiums are wonderful…and he saw this….and he saw that…..and he met so and so………’Oh but it was tiring!’ (Only joking 🙂 )

Anyway, the younger monsters are not here this morning as they went for a sleep over at Ter Lou’s house. It simply isn’t fair. No organic alarm clock and I still had to be up early!

Well I have this to show you this morning. I am not cheating….I made these yesterday, but I couldn’t face the laptop again last night to post them. The headache is still there by the way. I can see the cocodomol that I got after the op coming out at this rate! Anyway; what do you think?

…a pair of cushions! These are made from recycled material too. I think these will look fab in the garden.

…..a patchwork cushion. This is only a small one…and it takes so much fabric to make these diagonals you would not believe.

Well it is bread baskets on the menu today. So I will bid you adieu for now.

See you later




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