Day 56- May Day Bank Holiday


Good morning.

I’m just grabbing a bit of time while lunch is cooking (sausage sandwiches….by request!.)  It has been hard work this morning getting going. I have a Rooster who insists that pajamas are his choice of outfit for the day. Boo, who has decided that if it has got a plug attached, makes a pinging noise and has lots of buttons to press, then that is what he will do today; and Moo who has spent the whole morning deciding what to wear and preening herself in front of a mirror (Oh to be 11 again!).

I have begun my day talking to my best friend, the wall, as it is the only thing that listens to me, doesn’t argue back, stays where it is and doesn’t make a mess!

So this is the kind of day I am having! I am about to put the kettle on, make a pot of strong coffee, and turn on the sewing machine. Hopefully I will have lots to show later today…….but I have promised a trip out to wear ourselves out, and a film and popcorn later.  Here’s hoping!



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  1. You seem to have more hours in your day than I do!! I did spend 12 hours out of the 24 in bed today though. Good news..I have finished the quilt! Am quite pleased with it, although my stitching doesn’t look as professional as I would like. However, as my first attempt I am quite pleased with it. Can’t put a photo on at the mo because something wrong with camera! What shall I make next…….

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