Day 57- Post 2


Good evening. I hope you are all well. 🙂

It seems that today we have gone global here at the make. We have visitors from Australia, Mexico and Canada to add to the regulars. Everybody is very welcome. 🙂

We had a very early start this morning. The Rooster was up at 6.30am….the middle of the night in my book. Still on my own, I managed to keep him sort of quiet until ten to seven. It was then he went and lifted the blinds to show me that it was in fact ‘getting up time!’ So it was downstairs for crispies and Thomas, one of us still pining for their pillow.

Then the early morning chaos began. I had set everything out last night….but my plans didn’t include the contrariness and sometimes bolshiness of children…..especially a Boo! We sometimes refer to Boo as the Kraken! He hates getting up in the morning and is always bad tempered when forced out of bed. I must admit to giving him an extra five minutes this morning because I could not face the battle before my morning coffee.

I was very happy when my magazine, Mollie Makes,  arrived. I have actually placed it to one side so I can read it at bedtime. I cannot believe how many people have emailed me about this post. I will reiterate again that it is well worth investing in, I love it.

I have been dashing here there and everywhere today, and feel like I have scarcely had time to draw breath. The make for today was not started until after tea this evening, and is still ongoing as you can see……….


These are being sewn and assembled for the Fair on Saturday and Sunday, at Baslow, Derbyshire …….. near Chatsworth. (Forgive the sales pitch….but if you are around 😉 )

I think you can guess what these are going to be….Jubilee trees! I will give you the big reveal tomorrow along with tomorrows makes. Tomorrow looks like it is shaping up to be busier than today however, so I am not sure when I will have time to make anything……but I will, I promise.

Anyway chaps, I want to get this finished before I climb the stairs, so I will love you and leave you.

See you tomorrow.




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    • I have a pattern somewhere for these pin cushions…but I have to admit to buying this one from John Lewis’… favourite shop in the world! (I know I should be ashamed of myself for buying it!)

      • No need to be ashamed! 😀 I get much of my inspirations from seeing things I’d like to have, can’t bring myself to spend the money and so give them a go – not sure I could emulate the lovely apple shape though. Sure it’d end up very blob-like!

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