Day 58- Post 2


Good evening.

Ok…you were not seeing things if you logged in to see nothing there. It seems that my hard work has disappeared into the atmosphere! So here we go again.

I have been a very busy bee today….and not necessarily making craft! I did manage to squeeze a gorgeous lunch in with Mrs H before the chaos began.

DH was still down in the smoke, and that meant I had to perform miracles today. Rounders and running for the Monsters, A Dr’s appointment and a car in the garage to name but a few of the hurdles of the day. How can I be in three places at once!

Luckily, cape flying behind him, Grandad came to the rescue and collected the two minor monsters for me, while I picked up the car and went to see the oldest monster representing her school in athletics by competing in the 800m.

Finally, exhausted physically and emotionally, I flopped into an armchair to watch some car crash TV . But a little voice pipes up…

‘Mum what are you making today?’

Bah! Why did I start this project!

Somewhat reluctantly I have to admit, I gather the crochet hooks and some colour and got cracking.

Now I have to admit to not making these all tonight. I actually made five of them. Seeing Boo’s blanket on my chair got me thinking of a project to use up all the leftover granny squares. A patchwork crochet cushion.

Please forgive me for not finishing this tonight. I think that as I am exhausted I have done quite well getting five squares done ….and beginning to sew them together. What do you think.?

Anyway guys…have I told you I am exhausted? So off to bed for me. See you tomorrow.


PS. Hopefully you will see it this time!


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