Day 59


Good evening folks. Is it really Thursday again?

I had to stop today and look about me. I have been so immersed in getting ready for the fair this Saturday….(Baslow, Derbyshire, 10am – 4.30pm would love to see you!) , and sorting the monsters out, that I had not noticed how dusty everywhere had become! So it was on with the marigolds and out with the mop and bucket, Pledge and dusters. Worked up quite a sweat as it was quite warm here today in the rolling hills.

There is something quite nice about sitting in a tidy house. It is very calming. It is a time when you wish that somebody would call round, obviously leaving the house with the impression that it is always neat and tidy! Unfortunately I was thwarted with that today, as visitors arrived while I was in the thick of it……Bah! Never the less I had an enjoyable half hour without cushions being crumpled, throws being pulled off the sofas, Picasso’s next masterpiece left on the coffee table, shoes and socks being left by the front door and DVD’s  littering the floor.

Then the monsters came home…and I have to start all over again tomorrow! Curses!

I had put all of the sewing back into the conservatory, ready for me to sort out. I was dreading going in there as there was all manner of things that I had to finish before Saturday. When DH came home all my excuses for putting off sorting it all out literally ran out the open door. The time had come to face it!

Actually it was quite enjoyable…a bit like when facing a pile of marking; banging your head against a wall is preferable to starting it, but then once started, it is fantastic to find out that what you wanted the children to learn has been accomplished! There has been lots to do. Want to see?

I started off by making these………

…..these were what I couldn’t finish on Monday night. I still have 2 more small ones to make, but I can’t face doing those tonight.

After I had made these I needed to do this……..

 Can you see it tucked in there. Yes labels had to be sewn into all the baskets.

….as you can see I have made quite a few!

 In fact: two extra large, three large, two small bread baskets and three coffee pot covers have been made by my own lily white hands! So you can see why I cannot face making two more small ones tonight!

Anyway, I need to press on. Somewhere under a huge pile of clean washing is my bed. I can just about hear it calling to me….it’s a bit muffled as it’s a big pile of washing! I need to sort all that before I can retire.

Good night all, and see you tomorrow!



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