Day 60- Post 1


As Roo would say “Bon journo ever’body!” Hope your day has got off to a better start than mine!

OK it is only 8.53am and I am already running around like a headless chicken. Bless him Boo…coat on going out the door, suddenly reminds me that he has a school trip today. WHAT! He refused spending money because he said he would lose it. Also having switched to hot dinners this half term he had no lunch packed. His response was…”Don’t worry Mum, I don’t need any dinner. I’ll be alright!”

I quickly ran to kitchen, but it was a bit like old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. I managed to gather together a sandwich, some fruit and a yoghurt. No nice treats 😦

DH didn’t help saying that it was bad for him anyway..the grump! Anyway off he went with his lunch bag….we couldn’t even find a carrier bag…..leaving me feeling like the worse mother of the year! Mrs H reminded me too! I am completely out of the loop….or maybe around the loop?

Craft Fair madness chaos today! With a special tea for my boy when he returns to make up for his cruddy lunch….he even had to have brown bread, his ultimate nightmare! Sewing of buttons,press studs and labels is the order of the day.

I can’t wait to make something for me.



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  1. Looking forward to seeing you and all your followers at Baslow Village Hall Sat Nav. DE45 1SP on Saturday & Sunday. We have someone demonstrating spinning on Sunday hopefully. Bacon sandwiches etc. outside and tea and coffee both inside and outside. We have lots of different crafts in 2 rooms. Extra dates. Hope you have a happy & profitable day and that the sun shines. Good luck Janet

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