Day 60- Post 2


Good evening folks! Man what a day!

Highs. Lows. And bits in between.

As you know the day did not get off to the best start, but I was determined to get over that quickly and make the most of the day. I had so much that I was going to do….but as usual I had planned to do too much. Needless to say the last-minute sewing has not happened.

Mum phoned, (in the middle of Upstairs, Downstairs!), to ask what time herself, Auntie M and Ter Lou were needed. They were coming round to help price up things for tomorrow. At that moment I was up to my ears in press studs and buttons…..every available pair of hands were needed I can tell you!

The cavalry arrived, needles and thread in hand, and Grandad, (with his cape yet again,) stepped into the breach to collect the monsters. Pricing, sewing, coffee and teacakes were sorted and a craft stall emerged.

After pricing, a stock list was in order, then an order sheet, then packing up. By the time the monsters arrived back home everything had virtually been done, except the ironing of the monster cloth for the table and deciding what I was going to wear.

Boo had  a lovely time on his trip, and decided that he wanted Indian for tea tonight. He also had a treat of time on the WI, which he relished every minute of. He is a simple soul, it doesn’t take much to keep him happy.

Anyway guys, I still need to print things out and iron tomorrow’s outfit. I am sorry I haven’t got pictures of today’s make…but it was honestly boring stuff. I promise to take lots of photo’s of tomorrow to make up for it.

Early start tomorrow. Night.



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