Day 61- Baslow!


Good evening!

I have to admit to being absolutely shattered! I was in bed by 1.00am this morning….but wide awake at 5am! Why? It was my second craft fair!

We set off from the rolling hills at 8.00am this morning. It was glorious as we drove into the rolling hills of Derbyshire…. Look………………

This was on the journey to Baslow. As Dh said..we usually see this view through a heat haze, so it was fantastic to see it in the early morning sunshine.

On arrival we found our plot and began to set up. We met a fantastic mix of people. A very jolly crowd!

I couldn’t get the stall to my satisfaction at all though. Unfortunately I am a typical libran….very indecisive! Moo was there to help, and talked me through to 10am…whether I wanted her to or not!

We got there with the stall eventually though…………

 Eventually the doors opened and we waited for the hoards of excited customers to arrive………

….but the sunshine was working against us! With so many horrible weekends that had preceded this one, the first sign of sunshine and people wanted to be off out in the fresh air. It really was a beautiful day, and I can’t blame anyone for being outside, but I was getting very lonely in the village hall!

Family arrived and there was much merriment around our stall. My tummy was starting to rumble a little as I hadn’t been able to eat any breakfast due to tummy wobbles. The bacon sandwich man outside was doing a roaring trade!

Much banter between the stall holders…many passing faces, glancing, smiling and walking on……I mustn’t take this to heart!

At the end of my second craft fair…..what have I learnt?

  • Chill out!
  • Relax!
  • Eat breakfast!
  • Enjoy the whole experience.

Yes I was disappointed about how today went….but I met some fabulous people, and I need to learn that the craft business is hard work.

I am determined to be much more philosophical about tomorrow.

I am there again tomorrow. 10am til 4.30pm, Baslow near Chatsworth. It would be lovely to see you…….come and say hello.

See you tomorrow!



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