Day 62- Baslow again!


Buenas tardes España! God kveld Norge! Good evening/ afternoon USA! Evening Chaps!

I thought I was tired yesterday……..I am absolutely shattered today! It was day two of the craft fair extravaganza. After a shaky start yesterday where people came, looked, thought they could do it themselves and went away with my ideas. (Two women were good enough to admit to it!) I will admit that I was very despondent about today’s event. Having worked so hard, I was expecting to do better than I did. To have people glance at what I was selling, was like they were sneering at one of my babies!

I awoke this morning….still wanting at least another three hours sleep. I peeled myself out of bed, and struggled to gather things together for the day. Mum had volunteered to come out today, so we set out, enjoying the morning sunshine.

I know this is an autumnal picture….but Derbyshire is always changing….and it is always beautiful.

I set out with new resolve today. I wasn’t going to be beaten. This was a brand new day, and whatever came I was not going to get too worked up about it.

We arrived, parked and began to set up again. Stall set out, we waited for the visitors to arrive.

Thwarted again! And it wasn’t for the want of trying. Everybody was in the same boat. People came in…said ‘Very nice,’ then moved on.

I must admit to being more philosophical today however. What is the point of getting upset. Everyone was in the same boat. You win some….you lose some. It wasn’t the weekend for craft in Baslow. I did spend the time fruitfully however. A strawberry baby berry set was made. Hurrah!

Anyway I need my bed!

See you tomorrow.



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  1. Keep your chin up! I’m sorry you didn’t get a more enthusiastic response but it seems like you’ve set about having a good attitude about it. I hope sales pick up for you soon. 🙂

  2. I had other commitments or I would have been ther. I do need to purchase some more stuff tho, so can we get together after pay day ? xox

    • Have to admit to using other peoples pictures of Baslow. I have a near replica of the picture of the bridge that I took…but not on this camera.

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