Day 63- A time for reflection


Good evening folks! I hope you are all well, and that the sun has been shining for you too.

It has been a bit of a funny day really. As I posted earlier, DH let me sleep in today. I think he thought I needed it. I have to admit to running on empty for the past few days. As a friend said to me when I started this blog…now that I have time to relax I have set myself a whole new set of deadlines! I can’t help it. I normally lead such a busy life, so for this to stop so suddenly I find myself all at sixes and sevens. This is why I have thrown myself into making.

As you know I am much more philosophical about my weekend. I have a few regrets, but everyone who was there as a trader seemed to struggle. I decided that today I was going to make something frivolous and silly. It didn’t actually turn out like that however, but today’s make really makes me smile!

I have done an awful lot of improvisation, and designing my own patterns and creations. I have always seen things that I like and wanted to make them, or make them a little bit different to the original design. As soon as I started to use a needle and cut fabric I have not always stuck to the pattern. Sometimes my ideas flop….sometimes I win. A bit like the peg bag….it didn’t look right the first attempt but I got there in the end. Today has all been about creating a prototype for ideas that are simply swimming around in my head. No pattern, just me, yarn and a set of double pointed needles. Want to see?

Here you go…………

Cute isn’t it! Well I think so. There are things that I need to adjust, but I absolutely love it! A Baby Cupcake hat! I haven’t seen anything like this around, so I can call it an Ickle Ed original! 🙂 It will soon be ready to join the ranks of the Baby Berry Hats.

Talking of the Baby Berry sets, I have news on that front too. Last Friday I was contacted by Folksy to say that I had sold the Gooseberry set. I was very excited as this was my first sale. Unfortunately after my disappointing Saturday I arrived home to a disappointing email. The buyer no longer wanted my cute little set. 😦 Today however I received an email from a college in Lancashire that want to sell my Gooseberry sets. I’m not sure what I am going to do. I need to think about it, talk it over with DH and read all the information they have sent carefully. It made me feel a little happier knowing that somebody actually likes my work.

I have been asked why I chose such an unusual berry. A lot of thought has been put into it. When I was deciding to branch out my lines of berries from Blueberries and strawberries, I made a long list. It occurred to me that the little people who would be wearing these would be babies. And where do babies come from? From under the gooseberry bush of course! And so the gooseberry hat came to be!

Well after a very funny sort of day, I am off to bed! Decadence! Bed at 9.30pm!

See you tomorrow!



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