Day 64- A change from the stitching.


Good evening! I can tell you are coming home from work and settling down, as my stats for the day have suddenly gone up!

Good Morning/ afternoon to the USA too. I will say good evening to Iceland too, as you have been back over the past two nights….how rude of me to ignore you yesterday.

As you will have guessed by now I absolutely love geography! I loving looking at maps and plans, so the stats map is a big draw everytime I log on. I had a dilemma when I was working out what I was going to do at university, textile design or geography? Geography won! I often regret my decision, wondering what path my life would have taken if I had studied design. You can’t dwell too long on the ifs and buts of decisions. I did what I did.I have always dipped back into the design world however. I designed and made my own wedding dress for instance. I have loved having this time to really experiment with my other love, otherwise it is stolen hours on a Saturday afternoon that all to quickly comes to an end.

Today however, I have not done any stitching for my make, although I have done a little bit on the cardigan that I am making. (How decadent! Something for myself!)

I have taken lots of photos about what I have done today. One of my other ‘loves’ is gardening; growing my own in fact. I have been growing fruit and vegetables for about 10 years now. In fact Boo was really fed up last year that nothing grew in our garden unless we could eat it! Being out of action since the op, as I wasn’t allowed to do any heavy lifting, and then the monsoon season came, the garden has been looking a bit forlorn.

I decided I would get out there this week and fettle. Of course then it started raining again! I have been dipping in and out however, and brought something in today that I usually have had at least one crop of already. Here is my first for this year……

Rhubarb! Freshly cut ready for the pot!

Now what to do with it?

…we need to add apple; chopped!

Chop the rhubarb and put it into a very big pan!

Add a special kind of sugar plus some granulated sugar to the big pan, and some sort of spice. (Have you guessed what it is yet?)

Place over heat to melt the sugar and soften the fruit.

Bring to a rolling boil….check after 4 minutes to see if the mixture will set. If it does………

Place in sterilised jars, place a wax disk on the top. Leave to cool before for a while before placing the lid. Write Rhubarb, apple and ginger jam on labels and enjoy with toast at breakfast!

Hurrah! Can’t wait!

DH is very pleased his jam pan anniversary gift is being used again. The monsters are pleased because they love this jam and have not had some for a very long time. Smiley faces all round!

See you tomorrow.



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