Day 65- Only another 300 to go, post 2


Good evening!

It has been a lovely day here in the rolling hills. The sun has shone and it has been pleasant, not too warm and not too cold.

So how have I spent the day?

Well we seem to have collected rather a large amount of clutter. These seem to have been stashed into bag for life bags and needed sorting. You know how it is, people are coming over, so all the paper that is on the side gets put into a bag and hidden away! I didn’t know that people knew I did this, until we were tidying my classroom one day; one of the children in my class offered to hold the box, when I said I was going to clear my desk! Cheeky monkey! Even cheekier my job share labelled the drawer that I hide things in ‘The Hiding Drawer’!

Anyway today  the day that it was all going to get sorted. It was a good day too as the paper bin had been emptied this morning.

What craft have I done? Well I have not been shirking! I have grabbed five minutes to knit 20 more rows of the cardigan I am making. It is quite nice to return to something, especially when the end is in sight. I have got half a sleeve and the right front to do until the ‘Tadah’ moment. I find knitting so slow and frustrating. I love it when I have done as I know that wearing a garment I have knitted makes me very proud, but because I usually sew, I am used to things being finished in an hour or two. This is probably why I like the baby berry hats so much, they are completed in a day.

I have also done this……..

…another cushion! I know I have got lots of cushions already made…..but I may have another fair on Saturday! I had some squares left over so I thought I would put them to good use. Must admit to doing a bit of this the other day…..but I’ve done knitting too today so let me off! I’ll keep you posted on the fair.

It has been a funny day today. I bit of a sore tummy day. The best way I can describe what I am feeling is when you fall down and your knee throbs where it has been grazed; well I have felt like that all day…only the throbbing has been when where by gall bladder used to be! Explain that one! I am going to have to go and get settled…….(get the curtains drawn,) and try to get some sleep. I am not sure what I can take, if anything, to make this pain go away. I must admit it’s a new one on me! Ho hum! They did say it may take some time to get back to normal….and I thought I would be back in the classroom after two weeks!

Anyway enough moaning! I am going to get some sleep and wake fully refreshed and recharged ready for more fabric creations. Hurrah!

See you tomorrow.



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