Day 65- only 300 more to go!


Good morning everyone! Good afternoon/ evening New Zealand! Bon jour France! Jambo Kenya! (Special good mornings to our new visitors. 🙂 )

Guess what! The gorgeous jam I made yesterday has been completely ignored! I can’t believe it I came down this morning and there they all were tucking into chocolate brioche! This will please our French visitors, but my little jam pots are feeling very sorry for themselves. Bah! I know that mum, Ter Lou and Auntie M will enjoy some of my stash so I will just take it to where it will be appreciated, so ner ner ner!

Anyway the real reason I am posting so early this morning is to show you this……..

(This is taking me ages. Is anyone else having problems with the internet this morning?)

Do you remember the book I won in the Mollie Makes competition. Well as you know I reviewed it on Amazon, and as a thank you Alison Nichols sent me the accompanying book! Hurrah!

This one focusses on the stories of craft businesses entrepreneurs and how they set up. It is the interviews that were made for the first book that have been compiled into a book of their own, written like interviews. It features both American and British designers. I found it really interesting reading all the trials and tribulations that starting up will bring. Also the triumphs of each company.

The underlying theme for all the interviews is that they all love what they are doing. This also features heavily in the top tips that are given at the end of the chapters. Enjoy what you do!

Talking of doing, I need to get on!

See you later




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