Day 66


Good evening everyone…..and  I hope the Norwegians amongst you are enjoying your National Day. 🙂

A special welcome to South Africa. 🙂 Wow I am really globe-trotting this week!

I have spent the day continuing to sort and fettle, unlike my Norwegian friends who are celebrating their National holiday. The fridge came in for a particularly good scrub…….the shelves came out and everything! I was also determined to begin to sort out my sewing shelves as they are becoming very untidy. Unfortunately I have more fabrics than the shelves can cater for! What am I to do? I know make some more things!

I have had little thoughts drifting through my head about designs for this and that. I decided that I was going to experiment today. I had been given some lovely fabrics and was determined not to waste them. Measuring twice, and cutting once, I made this……

……a bag! With a handle too. But what is it for I hear you ask?

…..What is it?

A place for everything and everything in its place. I now have somewhere to house the lead and foot pedal for my sewing machine. Hurrah!

Complete with the Ickle Ed label. Hurrah!

I am pleased that I have managed to do this quite quickly, as it looks like I have another craft fair on Saturday. This time it is in Sheffield city centre, so I may get a bit more traffic through. Make or break time though. I will see how this one goes, as I have forked out for the insurance, but I must admit that I am getting picky about these craft fairs, and I have only done two. I’ll let you know any other details when I find out more. I can see these appearing as Ipad and  netbook cases! I also thought I would make some mobile phone cases too. Hurrah!

Anyway, if I have a fair, I have lots of bags to make, so I will sign off for now.

See you tomorrow.



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