Day 67- Feeling tired now!


Good evening folks.

I hope you have had a really good Friday…….Yippee! It’s the weekend!

Not that I really need to celebrate…still off work. 😦 And I have to admit that I don’t actually work Fridays so it’s not so much TGI Friday, but TGI Thursday for me usually.)

Waking this morning it felt a little like the morning after the night before…only I had not had a drink. Waking up in the middle of a particularly loud snore, it suddenly dawned on me that I had something important to do today. What could it be? It hit me like a sledgehammer that I had…in a moment of crass stupidity, signed up for another craft fair; tomorrow! WHY??????

OK! Let’s not panic Mr Mainwaring! Where do we start?

Right! I started by sorting out everything that I already had. What was I going to take? I only have a small table this week, and my wash stand that I put the cushions on. As it is  vintage and craft fair, I thought that cushions and bags should be the way to go. What other things have a got? Dolly pegs? Maybe.

I then hit on the idea of using vintage fabric to make something modern. Cue……….

….I took the idea of the bag that I made yesterday to make these. Do you know what it is? Want a clue?

……yes Netbook/ IPad wallets! Woo Hoo! I love these fabrics. They are 100% cotton too. I have placed batting in these too to add a bit of protection. Like everything I have experimented with…I know where I need to make improvements. The biggest problem was that I don’t own an IPad, so I haven’t got a clue how big they are! If anyone can send me the length, width and depth of one it will be greatly appreciated. The next problem will be that people don’t like them and so I finish up with 10 IPad cases and no ipad! Ho hum! They will then become another kind of wallety thing.

Ideas on a postcard please.

Anyway; I still have loads to do before tomorrow. (I even have DH painting pegs at the minute….it’s very therapeutic apparently 🙂 )

See you tomorrow


PS. I am not a Euro Millionaire…..again! So we had better have a better day  at the fair tomorrow!


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    • You do indeed! 100% cotton…and fantastic prints! I had to smarten up the edges a bit as they were a bit wonky. The amount of comments I have had about these netbook covers too. No buyers though 😦 But I love them. I have now comandeered one for myself. So what if the chuffs don’t want them…I do!

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