Day 69- Yes I’m posting a day late!


Good afternoon!

I know! I know! This should have appeared yesterday……but I couldn’t get on the internet last night. It is being really slow today too…so bear with me.

Well we had a lovely day. At the craft fair in Baslow, Ter Lou purchased a ‘who done it’ walk for the village of Tideswell. We were given a list of suspects and weapons and the idea was to follow directions around the village looking at places of interest to gain names and dates. These were then linked to the list of weapons and suspects and slowly the culprit and weapon emerged.

Unfortunately for us Ter Lou put Moo in charge of the route…which pushed a certain Boo’s nose out of joint. The lovely walk which we had envisaged turned into an argument between the older monsters and the youngest complaining that he needed the toilet!

It was a lovely walk all the same, and we returned hungry ready for Sunday lunch.

So what else have I been up to? Well I realise that I haven’t shown you what I made on Saturday. So here it is……………………

Phone cases! I used the pattern that I created for the handbag shopper covers to make them. I also used upholstery fabric as it didn’t need any interfacing to strengthen it.

I have got to whizz away now…as I have got lots of jobs to do. I will be reporting on day 70 later, and showing you todays and yesterdays makes. Hopefully the internet will have speeded up a little by then. See you later.






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