Day 72


Good evening!

I hope that you have all taken the necessary precautions today and that noone is suffering from any sun burn!

For the overseas visitors among you, I should explain that Britain is currently experiencing our week of summer at the moment. The temperatures have reached the dizzy heights of 27 oC. (Hurrah!) We are not panicking however…….Wimbledon starts soon; so the rain will be back! For now lunches are taken outside, BBQ’s are being lit and cold beers are being drunk. On the downside; there is far too much white flesh on display… people not look in the mirror before they go out? Have they not heard of St Tropez self tan?

Personally, I have had a lovely day. Lunch with Mrs H, morning coffee in the sunshine, three loads of washing done, dried and put away. The only downside is that I am still off work. Many of you will be asking; ‘Is this a downside?’ Well yes it is. I am bored. A busy person naturally, being at home for the first time in my life….with no baby to show for it, is really strange. Initially, bad days were greater than good days, physically I was a mess. Now I have more good days than bad….and I am bored.

But we are not going to dwell on that any more. The Dr agrees that I am definitely on the mend…which is positive. I have these stolen days in the sunshine…..which is positive. I have time to make things….which is very positive.

So what have I been up to? Well………….

…..I told you I was going to make the shoulder bag for myself! I found this fabric, and I love it. I made a bag like this for the craft fair last Saturday, but I couldn’t resist making another one….for me! Hurrah! All ready for the summer holidays.

Well, I am hot and sticky and I want a shower before I retire, so I will say goodnight.

See you tomorrow.




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    • I am glad you like the bag. I never know usually what the next make will be…unless I have a craft fair coming up! It all depends on my mood and time constraints.

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